New Bayonetta & Vanquish 10th Anniversary Trailer Dives Into Steelbook’s Design Process

In a video streamed on Twitter by Sega on Jan. 6, members from Weapons Van, the company in charge of the Bundle’s cover art designs, gave a brief look at all the challenges the company faced in making sure the 10th anniversary bundle lived up to fan expectations.

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phoenixwing497d ago (Edited 497d ago )

I'm a sucker for a good steelbook case for my games. Still can't justify buying this all over again though.

mikeslemonade497d ago

Booo we don’t need a Vanquish

thatguyhayat497d ago

Says who? Who's this we? Vanquish is most underrated game from Platinum Games

mikeslemonade497d ago

Bayonetta 1 is the most underrated. Vanquish and B2 are the most overrated.

littletad497d ago

The titles are on xbox one through BC with 4k updates if I'm not mistaken, yet I'm still getting this physically cause I want to support the developers and hope for the sequels being released down the line. I doubt Nintendo would allow Bayonetta 2 on another platform but who knows, wishful thinking.

autobotdan497d ago

No 4k updates for the xbox 360 BC versions on xbox one. None

gamer7804497d ago

cant wait to see the best looking Bayo in 2020!

497d ago
Lilrizky496d ago

i wanted to display both sides on my steelbook wall so i bought it twice