Game Revolution: Mega Man 9 Review

Game Reovlution writes: "I'm going to say one thing, first and foremost, before I get into this review: Mega Man fans, this review is not for you. Reason one being that you've already all bought the game weeks ago. Reason two is my attempt to stall all of you long enough to put on my flame-retardant suit.

This review is for the rest of you, those who may still be on the fence, who may be wondering what all the fuss is over this diminutive guy in a blue suit, and who are considering purchasing the game from your console network of choice. Sure, you've all heard of Mega Man. At this point, who hasn't? Even my parents know who Mega Man is. But for one reason or another, many people just never got around to actually playing one of his games."

+ Polished, polished, polished
+ Classic gameplay
+/- Obsessively retro
- Hard to the point of no fun
- Brings nothing new to the series

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