Grand Theft Auto IV looks stunning thanks to this upcoming graphics overhaul mod

DSOGaming writes: "It’s been a while since our last look on Grand Theft Auto 4, right? Well, it appears that a new graphics overhaul mod is under development, aiming to improve the game’s visuals. This mod is called Project RevIVe and you can find below some screenshots from it."

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Fritzwochel44d ago

Wouldn't mind R*CKSTAR to release a remastered version of GTA IV.

roadkillers44d ago

Or any of their PS2 games for that matter.

mikeslemonade44d ago

Nope don’t need any of those. The only good GTA missions were on 5 and Gay Tony

annoyedgamer44d ago

Im sure that most companies have found that remasters hurt their new releases and make their obvious lies regarding new titles that much more obvious.

xTonyMontana44d ago

Would love it too, that or Vice City but I don't think it's all that simple due to music licensing issues in those games.

downwardspiral44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Is it going to be plastered with wet floor mods everywhere?

Gahl1k44d ago

Oh yes. Every GTA V overhaul mod looks good until they show roads and streets. Puddles everywhere like it's raining every five minutes or something.

mark3214uk44d ago

i just hope we are going to get a new GTA this gen or at the latest the start of the new gen, 10 years waiting for IMO the best games ever made is crazy

Shane Kim44d ago

They must allready be working on the next one. The last one is 7 years old now.

L7CHAPEL44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

You would think so...
one of the things I find interesting/ perplexing/ puzzling, however you want to see it or look at it,
is their trademark lampooning and sarcastic satirizing of current culture and in particular pop culture.

to me this would represent a huge challenge for them, because it's just so surreal now...
how do you "one up" legitimately crazy ?
Unless they have the president pull out a gun during a session of Congress or the Senate and actually shoot someone ...
and then it's not GTA anymore,
it's Saints Row 🥀

Redlife2g44d ago

Many rumors state that gta6 will be a launch title for the next Gen systems..

UnSelf44d ago

They’re gonna make it at the end of the next gen to take advantage of all the power

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