Ape Escape news is coming in 2020: Please be a new game

The 20th anniversary Twitter account for the series (that was created in June of last year) just tweeted out that the year will be "exciting and wonderful," due to "lots of important information."

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isarai386d ago

Ive already had my heart played with when everyone was teasing Ape Escape news during the recent anniversary of the series. JUST GIMME MORE APE ESCAPE DAMNIT!

Kurisu385d ago

I remember when it was teased for PS3 and it turned out to be that terrible PlayStation Move game.

Servbot41385d ago

Yeah, we'll probably get some on-rails VR garbage nobody asked for at PS5's launch.

badz149385d ago

A NEW GAME??! (Faint)

(Wake up) please be true!

ApocalypseShadow385d ago (Edited 385d ago )

Ape Escape PS5 and Ape Escape VR. With 3D audio where sound played a roll just like the first game.

Or one game with dual mode. Play one way or the other. Show us what haptic controllers can do.

It would be cool if it was Bluepoint Games working with Japan Studios and made a reboot or remaster. I'll take that too.

Kurisu385d ago (Edited 385d ago )

Yes, yes and yes.

I'll always remember getting Ape Escape on PS1 for Christmas as a kid. It came in the pack with the see through green DualShock. Analogue sticks were a game changer! Swinging those nets to catch those apes was so intuitive.

ApocalypseShadow385d ago

Yup. We need that magic again. Like Astrobot did.

LiViNgLeGaCY385d ago

Dude. Please be a new game. I would freak out!!

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