BlackSite: Area 51 Officially Announced

Midway Games today announced BlackSite: Area 51, an action packed, first person shooter experience which pits gamers against alien enemy forces using the infamous U.S. government landmark, Area 51, and the surrounding areas as the battlefield backdrop. BlackSite: Area 51 is currently in development for the PLAYSTATION 3 computer entertainment system, the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and for the PC.

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grifter0244912d ago

This game looks pretty cool... I was a little disappointed when I found out it was only coming to ps3 but now that its multi platform I am excited cant wait to play this game.

NoUseMerc4912d ago

I thought the game was already announced. This is kinda old news isnt it?

HyperBear4912d ago

just prior to CES 07' and then talked about in-depth at Midways Show just a few days ago. But im glad that this game is the sequel to Area 51. Ive always been waiting for a Government-coverup-horror-fps, since Area 51 came out. Area 51 was a great game, and BlackSite is gonna be even better running on Next-gen systems. Question for me is, do I get it for PS3 or 360. Time will tell

BUM4911d ago

@NoUseMerc: It is officially announced a few days ago by Midway.