What the Hell Happened to Ape Escape?

Few games can claim the sheer amount of pop-culture stature that the Ape Escape series can. Or, at least, could. The unique blend of a wacky story and setting where monkey’s with helmets that accelerate their intelligence, and a very unique, yet surprisingly functional control scheme, makes the series a stand-out even today. Ape Escape had a consistently strong showing throughout the series that spanned all the way from a late PS1 game in 1999 to a PlayStation Move game in 2010, yet, other than a few cameos in other games like Metal Gear Solid 3 and Ratchet and Clank, gamers haven’t really seen much from the series in many years.

But why would that be? Why would a series that has garnered the love and affection of millions of fans over the last 20 years suddenly just dry up? What the hell happened to Ape Escape?

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Gordoncordon384d ago

don't worry, it will surely come back with a remake, sooner or later

ApocalypseShadow384d ago

Ape Escape VR. Get on it SIE Japan.

Show us what that PS5 haptic controller can do. And make the game dual mode like RE7. Playable in and out of VR. Everybody wins.

darthv72384d ago

I could see this in VR. And you try to sneak up on an ape only to find there may be one sneaking up on you. You hear something, turn around and get spooked by the little guy.

ApocalypseShadow383d ago

Although that's interesting. If I were Sony, I'd go all out beyond Astrobot and Moss for a VR platformer. It wouldn't be first person. But I can see how the player can still be interacting with the character and monkeys.

Even Ratchet and Clank would fit in VR.

Doge384d ago

Please just give us a platformer and not a stupid rail shooter again.

Vanfernal383d ago

Astro Bot has a very similar vibe to Ape Escape and showed what 3rd person platforming in VR can do. I think Ape Escape could take that to the next level.