Best Multiplayer Shooters of the Decade

MP1st rounds up and lists down the best multiplayer shooters this decade (2010-2019)! Which games made the cut? Read on to find out.

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FinalAeonX45d ago

Black Ops 1 is the GOAT. Had the best campaign, best characters, best music and most of all best atmosphere and vibes.

excaliburps45d ago

For MP, Black Ops 2 is the best one. Introduced scorestreaks, Pick 10, had awesome maps, and had the target finder scope (perfect for colorblind people like me), XD

KHoop5545d ago

the most balanced game that's for sure

TheRealTedCruz45d ago

CSGO, Insurgency, Titanfall 2, and BF3.

gangsta_red45d ago

We had some really good shooters this gen. Who said that MP was dead!?!