15 Best Mecha Games Of All Time

From mechs of the future and alternate history, suit up and get ready to wreak some havoc in the best mecha games of all time.

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jznrpg234d ago (Edited 234d ago )

A best all time mecha game list without Zone of the Enders even on the list is 100% crap to me. Worth saying twice though not intentional

jznrpg234d ago

A best all time mecha game list without Zone of the Enders even on the list is 100% crap to me.

isarai234d ago

List is void without Robot Alchemic Drive

RavenWolfx234d ago

No Chromehounds? Zone of the Enders?

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Almost A Year Later, Armored Core 6 Comes Across As Sekiro's Rebellious Brother

Armored Core 6 is the modern, action-packed mecha game that deviates from the Soulsbornes formula orchestrated by Hidetaka Miyazaki.


From Software Parent Company's Profits Drop, but Armored Core Surprises

From Software parent company Kadokawa has released its financials for the year, and while profits are down, Armored Core has performed surprisingly well.

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zaanan16d ago

In other words, FromSoft is kicking ass; other Kadokawa game companies, not so much.

savedsynner16d ago

Name another company that has ever released only games worthy of a 90+ score for over a decade? starting with Demon's Souls, nothing but 90+s...even DS2 was a great game.

Ataraxias15d ago

Princess Peach Showtime is currently in the mid 70s

esherwood15d ago

Fromsoft is one of the few good guys left

FinalFantasyFanatic15d ago

I hope we get another AC game in the future or some DLC, I don't think we'll see DLC though. At the shizuoka hobby show they apparently announced a heap of AC model kits, even from older games like AC3.


Titanfall 2 Is Still The Smartest FPS Of The Last Decade

The best shooter campaign since Half-Life 2 still hasn't been topped eight years later.

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Leeroyw18d ago

I agree with this. The time travel mechanics. The sense of scale. The relationship with your mech. The bosses all had personalities. It's a wonderful game.

18d ago
mastershredder18d ago

Yeah it was good, but it only did the time travel bit in one level. Dishonered 2 did the same thing. Now how about a game where it's implemented throughout the gameplay? Singularity says Hello (and deserves so much more recognition).