GameSpot: Killzone 2 Multiplayer Beta Hands-On

GameZone writes: "While Sony already has Resistance 2 in the bag this winter, there's no doubt that two triple-A shooter franchises are better than one. Insomniac's World War shooter already has its fair share of fans, but the anticipation for Killzone 2 in February is possibly even greater. The long-awaited follow-up to the PlayStation 2 original will finally launch next year, and as is becoming customary for the genre, Sony has issued a multiplayer beta for the game. We got our dirty little mittens on said code, and wasted no time shooting up the other testers who were populating the servers."

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gdguide3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

What? They said "there are certainly no physics-based money shots such as deformable scenery or movable objects"...

Did they even get into the beta? I mean seriously. Killzone 2 has some of the best deformable environments I've ever seen:

What more does this idiot want in a MP game looking this good with 32 players with so little lag? The complete downplaying of this game by some outlets is just so annoying. You really do start to see which platform some of these media outlets gets their advertising from.

cellypower3623d ago

"there are certainly no physics-based money shots such as deformable scenery or movable objects.Either he needs his eyes checked or he's lying or didn't play it at all.I am in the beta- I can say this game is incredible!

CEO OF N4G3623d ago

Im in the beta and i dont care what any gaming site writes.I have played it for my self and i love it


IF ur in the beta add me. psn id is jon_abobo

Harry1903623d ago

Salamund market in that animated ...picture.... I really like the dark levels for some reason.

jkhan3622d ago

Exactly what I thought. I am not in the beta, but from the destruction videos I saw, I am pretty sure they didn't even play the beta.

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Blademask3623d ago

Apparently they didn't play the beta??

They say 32 player killzone2 is lag free... have nothing bad to say about the game at all. But they remembered they were talking about a PS3 game, so they had to find something.

Can anyone point out how exactly Gamespot is under the impression that:

1. GG hasn't shown Deformable Scenery?
2. GG hasn't shown movable objects(this is so general in description it literally makes no sense)

heres how to tell if you are reading biased articles. Read 360 reviews, previews. All of the "problems" are always overlooked, and they are actually game problems/glitches that need to be fixed. They are just passed of as 'well not so bad because the game is fun!'

Now, look here. You have nothing but positive information. Why not end on that note? Why bring up nonsense about MOVABLE OBJECTS?!?!?!? Is that going to be the new ding against the PS3? Lack of Movable objects? it just boggles the mind. As I read that, i could literally see some fat dude grabbing for straws.

They cant even use their "Well COD4 is better' Because its clearly just out classed here from all aspects. Gameplay/Sound/Online and lastly graphics. Which is what I was expecting.

They go ahead and ignore the dynamics, lens motion blur and just say 'well theres a lens flare'.

Come on, am I taking crazy pills here?

RiseOfMonster3623d ago

That's the first thing I thought when I read that line.

freeblue3623d ago

exactly.. had he shot the wall? the bags? the bottles? pillars? the kitcher counter, or the locker doors? better yet, had he actually looked up on the sky? or feel the wind blows, the wires move, the banging and clanging sound of the metal banging each other?? wth.

MURKERR3623d ago

they couldnt hate the game,their beta preview was terrible,at the end sayin the class system doesnt bring anything new but at the beginnin of the interview they state sabetour is new,

gamespot...tut tut tut

NickIni3622d ago

To add to that.

"but the multiplayer maps don't really give the engine much chance to show off."

It's a beta, there not going to be that many maps.

Seriously, how stupid is this guy?

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ezcex3623d ago

i have to agree with both you guys up there. i love both my systems but i do see that the reviews/media are a little biased towards the competition

LSDARBY3623d ago

Isnt this classed as illegal lol. Theyre blatantly misinforming the public.

INehalemEXI3623d ago

Guerrilla may have a case for Slander.

Meus Renaissance3623d ago

I don't think anything that comes from GameSpot should be posted here. Or any bias outlet for that matter. This preview is just washed with nonsense.

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