What to look forward to from PlayStation in 2020

PlayStation is ending one generation strong and starting another in 2020. From major new games to service changes, new challenges and mysterious hardware, here's what fans can expect to see.

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FinalAeonX277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

- Final Fantasy VII Remake
- The Last of Us: Part II
- Ghost of Tsushima

- Cyberpunk 2020
- Resident Evil 3

I don't think Xbox has had this many high profile exclusives in 1 year let alone the whole 7 year lifespan of Xbox One.

pwnmaster3000276d ago (Edited 276d ago )


But it’s still exclusive for 2020.

Plus it was never stated where it was going.
If it’s PC, then according to MS fanboys, it’s still a exclusive.

Also games like grand blue and Babylon fall is scheduled to come out next year

Larrysweet276d ago

Use real exclusives stop making us look bad jesus only 2 are exclusive

RangerWalk267276d ago

It blows my mind why people, like yourself, get off on speaking negatively about a company that works and creates products for the hobby we all enjoy. Sure, we're all entitled to one's opinion. So I wouldn't think it's childish behavior if you had just said, " I prefer PlayStation because..." But to act as if you're special, because a product that ANYONE has the ability to own, happened to produce more " exclusive games " this generation. Looks quite bad. I also understand ones urge to defend their purchase.

That being said... I think we are at a point in video gaming that no only are consoles affordable enough to own both. But it almost doesn't make sense not to. Again, that's personal choice. I personally have ALWAYS purchased all of the options simple because I don't want to miss or limit my choices when it comes to my primary source of entertainment. I have plenty of games on each platform. I'm 38yrs old... So my kids and wife have more say in what we purchase now, more so than I do ( unlike when I was in my 20's lol) so I have more games on the Switch and Xbox. But it honesty wouldn't matter to me what platform I play my choice games on.
Xbox X games: 432
PS4 Pro games: 98
Switch games: 77

All this to make this point. Complaining, comparing, and throwing shade at people that help fuel competition, innovation, and global growth is kinda silly. First fanboys were saying how big of piece of shit that the PS3 was compared to the 360. Which isn't true. Then at the start of this gen it was how the Xbox one was a peasant console because it only did 900p instead of 1080p ( until the X came out with a lot more power than the Pro )
So now the focus is on the exclusives.
Which everyone with a pair of eyes and a brain can see that Microsoft is spending more money on acquiring Studios than they ever have before.

So let's stop with the hate and start encouraging companies to do better. To do what the consumer wants. And that's not just console manufacturers. That goes for game developers as well. If you can't tell by cross-play and other things. The Fanboy walls are slowly starting to be blurred out. I believe it's time to start acting like gamers instead of divided children

BigTrain276d ago


100% agree with what you're saying, unfortunately, I think you're making too much sense for the blind fanboy types on this site.

CorndogBurglar276d ago

@ RangerWalk267

I agree with you. But the whole owning both consoles argument is only valid if we're talking about adults. Most parents aren't going to buy their kids both. And I have a feeling a lot of the fanboy nonsense is coming from children who rely on their parents to buy their games.

Otherwise, it just doesn't make sense.

CaptainOmega275d ago


“But it’s still exclusive for 2020”

So were you saying that when all of the Xbox ‘exclusives’ were exclusive for as long as they were, or did you attempt to downplay it?

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isarai276d ago

For me personally

Biomutant, Ghost of Tsushima, TLOU2, Babylon Fall, Yakuza Remaster collection, Ni-oh 2, Dying Light 2, Doom Eternal, Psychonauts 2, no more Heroes 3, lityle nightmare 2, ffvii remake, RE3remake, etc.

Oh and the launch of next gen consoles!
Gonna be so broke

IRetrouk277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

Some games and then a brand new console, gonna be a good year for playstation gamers.

Z501276d ago

Sounds just like 2013.

Godmars290277d ago

Non post-apocalypse sci-fi settings?


Rimeskeem277d ago

Ghost of Tsushima and Dreams are both Non post-apocalypse sci-fi.

Godmars290276d ago

Dreams is an open-platform title anyone will be to make anything they want and/or able, where Tsushima will likely be set in a Japanese Medival setting. Everything will either be in disrepair, damaged or rundown.

Abodenn276d ago

How's Ghost of Tsushima sci-fi?

TheTony316276d ago

Ghost is set in Edo japan, lol.

Rimeskeem276d ago

I think some people didnt realize that I was naming games that were not post-apocalypse or sci-fi.

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Godmars290276d ago

Need to find another culture if, rather than defend/further grow something worth the effort, its more about picking up the pieces with no hope of putting things back together. That what came before was thoroughly corrupt, only going to fall apart, and the best you can do, the best you want to do, is carve out your own kingdom. That's pretty much what almost every major game has said for nearly two decades.

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