Mega Man: 5 Reasons The X Series Is Better (And 5 Why It's The Original)

Most of the Mega Man games are incredibly popular with fans and while some prefer the original series, others prefer Mega Man X.

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Immagaiden343d ago

I still prefer the Mega Man X series over the classic Mega Man series

TheGamez100343d ago

X was the best. Although I did love megaman and bass, and the legends games that were based on the original megaman games.

gangsta_red343d ago

The X series was good...the original got stale after 4.

10 and 11 were good throw backs though.

FanboysKiller343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

I just like the x series more for no reason, maybe it's something related to my childhood.

Teflon02343d ago

X gives more freedom to the player and isn't as strict. So generally it will just be more fun to play. I like em all but X is my fav series for sure

RPGer343d ago

MegaMan is different from X, like how different is Dark Soul to Other Action RPG. The OG MM is limited and X give you power and really fast and powerful moves.

Pyrofire95343d ago

I immediately hate every article that is named with this format.
They are spineless cowards.

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