Mega Man’s 35th Anniversary Shouldn’t Pass Without a New Game Announcement

The Blue Bomber has kept things low-key, but now that Mega Man's 35th anniversary has arrived, a new game should be part of the festivities.

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ZeekQuattro289d ago

For a while there it looked like Inafune's Mighty No. 9 lit a fire under Capcom's ass and they were forced to announce MM11 in response. When it was revealed that Might No. 9 was a nothing burger and MM11 under performed Capcom quietly shelved MM again outside of the occasional MM collection. At this rate they'll announce a Star Force or Power Fighters collection before MM12 or MMX8.

FallenAngel1984289d ago

Mega Man 11 is the best selling title in the entire franchise

ZeekQuattro289d ago

We're heading on the five year mark since 11. Sounds like it wasn't good enough for a Capcom. Franchise record or not.

Bobertt289d ago

At least we have the Battle Network collection coming in April.


Capcom wants to take 'great care' in new Mega Man games, won't rush development

Capcom says it wants to take 'great care' in new Mega Man games, is not interested in rushing new products out in order to maximize repeated sales.

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ApocalypseShadow90d ago

Good good good. Take your time... But don't wait too long.. lol. Need some Mega Man 202X

ZeekQuattro90d ago

5 years was than enough time for a new Mega Man game. The RE franchise had 3 remakes and RE8 in the last five years. Mega Man ain't that deep Capcom. Get it done. 🤣

GoodGuy0988d ago (Edited 88d ago )

The first brand spanking new megaman I really want them to make is... actually revive and continue the Legends 3 game. Realistically though, the next would probably be megaman 12, then a new battle network game.

343_Guilty_Spark88d ago

Can we get an X reboot in 2-D with anime cutscenes?

I like Megaman but always thought X was cooler.

VersusDMC88d ago

Totally agree on X coming back but with an 3d look like Guilty gear Strive or DBZ Fighterz. Cutscenes for those games look like an anime.

Still want it to be a 2D platformer with a more expansive Metroidvania type map.

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Mega Man Reveals New 35th Anniversary Art; Cafe Collab & New Merchandise Announced

Capcom has unveiled and listed new Mega Man merchandise for pre-order to celebrate the multi-faceted franchise's 35th Anniversary...

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Capcom Begins Mega Man's 35th Anniversary Celebrations With Logo Reveal

There are a lot of classic video game franchises celebrating milestones this year, and joining them is Capcom's blub bomber, Mega Man.

December 17, 2022 will mark the iconic character's 35th anniversary. In the lead-up to this, Capcom has unveiled the official logo along with the first collaborative product - a t-shirt by the clothing brand AVIREX.

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GoodGuy09352d ago

Come on capcom, either make a new megaman x game or bring over and remaster the legends games to modern platforms already.