Squadron 42 Holiday Sneak Peek

Today Cloud Imperium Games had a small but lovely Christmas gift for the fans of Star Citizen and especially of its single-player component Squadron 42. The game also passed 259 million in crowd funding.

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naruga301d ago (Edited 301d ago )

overpriced tech demo

Abriael301d ago

"Tech demo" doesn't mean what you think it means.

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RpgSama300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

I think there must be some serious money laundering scheme with this game, how do you get to 259 million dollars in crowd funding?, There is no way that Star Citizen has amassed 50 / 100 times more money than the number 2 crowd funded game and it just keeps getting higher.

TK-66300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

Yes, theres some serious money laundering scheme going on. I believe its called a "subscription service". Alert the media immediately! They must know of this disgusting secret we've uncovered!/s

You have access to all the same resources and information as anyone else on the internet, but you're still ignorant to basic facts in regards to how SC still has money coming through the door. Are you feigning stupidity or is this genuine stupidity on your part?

Atom666300d ago

A couple of things to consider. Even your "big" kickstarter projects like Shenmue or Bloodstained only managed about 65k backers each. Star citizen will soon hit 2.5 million. The average $ per backer isn't too far from that of those other games (deduct the private funding SC has received). But you're looking at 40X as many people supporting the game.

Then consider what is being done with that money. You can go back through all of their targets over the years. Crowdfunding essentially built one of the biggest game studios on the planet.

Their backers want what they're building. This isn't an indie studio making a nostalgia driven sequel or 32bit spiritual successor. The premise really is: what if we could crowdfund a AAA studio to build the space game we've always dreamed of.

In an industry where your EAs can make billions off of MTs in cheap mobile games, Star Citizen gets way too much negativity from some people.

Godmars290300d ago

That would be the full game which is promising to do EVERYTHING, and a bag of chips.

This is suppose to be a more traditional linear-type campaign space fighter.

That said, this trailer just comes off as scene porn.

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PrinceOfAnger301d ago

A real next gen game right there :p
+henry cavill plays a role in the game

ApocalypseShadow300d ago

Should call it KaaS.

"Kickstarter as a Service."

ANIALATOR136300d ago

Is this still not out yet?

Dovergamer300d ago

At this point the best Enronn fraud looks like a joke in compariosn to Squadron 42. Why such "winning" awful business corrupted scheme should stop now? Such scam is producing dividends for Roberts and his wife. Why should they stop with this scheme when lots of eunuchs and nimrods continue baking? To be honest, this happened because it was their own doing. They brought this on themselves. People applauded and accepted this type of market delinquency.

You know what? This should never stop. It must become a Cathedral for the blind followers and the doom for those who are hopeful. As the old saying goes "The hopeful gets fooled". There is no greater truth than this. Roberts and his wife found a business. Who are we to critique the biggest scam in the gaming industry when a lot of followers applaud them.

If this is what they want, fine, they can keep this catacomb of procrastination and sink with it in the blue sea. At this point even Charles Ponzi, Jordan Belfort, Barry Minkow, Kenneth Lay, Bernie Madoff, Bernard Ebbers, James Paul Lewis Jr., Joseph Nacchio looks like kids stealing a candy in comparison to Robert's Space Industries. These investments scams are going to be thrown out of any top ten list if Star Citizen continues spiraling out of control with an immense schedule creeping.

Of course, only the community can put an end to this. The ball is in their court.