Mafia II: The Godfather Of Gangster Games

KeenGamer: "If you’re looking for a realistic tale of mobster life, look no further than Mafia II. No game provides as compelling a story, nor as detailed a world of organised crime. Let’s take a retrospective look at this fabulous game, that, despite age, remains the godfather of gangster games."

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winter_hill63d ago

The story was great, and an awesome soundtrack, but aside from the story there was nothing else to do in the open world unfortunately. I hope they do a Mafia IV and have it set during the seventies or eighties, or even early nineties.

Iceball200063d ago

Still think the first one was the best, on PC tho.

SickSinceSix63d ago

I remember trying the PS2 version after the PC one, the game had to load the city or countryside, on PC the whole map was always there. I prefer the original too, do you remember Crazy Horse? That car was a beast

Iceball200062d ago

Ooh yeah and I spent hours trying to get into that secret casino in the train tunnel!

SickSinceSix62d ago


I don't remember a secret casino. It's been almost two decades since I originally played it though