NVIDIA claims that the GeForce RTX2080 is more powerful than a next-gen console GPU

DSOGaming writes: "During his GTC China 2019 keynote presentation, NVIDIA's CEO Jensen Huang claimed that the GeForce RTX2080 is more powerful than a next-gen console."

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Jin_Sakai1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

A $750 GPU being more powerful than a $500 next generation console? Crazy.

Seeing as how Death Stranding won best graphics award from John at Digital Foundry considering there’s PC GPUs alone that cost twice as much as current gen consoles.

Consoles are super efficient and PlayStation developers make some of the best looking games around. PS5 exclusives will drop jaws I’m sure.

lelo2play1368d ago

Yep... a 750€ heavily overpriced graphics card better be more powerful then a next gen console...

Tech51368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

"Consoles are super efficient "

the consoles are nothing without AMD. both Sony and MS are making their boxes to accommodate AMD's configurations. i would just accept it, PC is fueling the gaming industry as a whole. it's been that way for 3 generations now.

nirwanda1368d ago

It's never as straight forward as that, when next gen kicks in that will become the base for the game engines, so you could buy this card and the game engine maybe bound with the 8 core CPU.

Kornholic1367d ago

@Tech5 please, Sony is the only company pushing gaming forward. The best graphics have been mostly in PS4 exclusives since 2013. PC is more powerful but no one is utilizing that power.

badz1491367d ago


Since 2013?? LOL try 2009! Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 pretty much had reviewers and graphic enthusiasts dropped their jaw that year and 2010 with GoW3, Sony had sealed the graphic crown long before 2013.

remixx1161367d ago


Really dude? Consoles are definitely the primary fuel for the game industry right now when it comes to keeping this car running.

Imalwaysright1367d ago


Very true. PC gaming is the backbone of the gaming industry and the amount of buthurt disagrees that you got won't change that.

Babadook71367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )

“i would just accept it, PC is fueling the gaming industry as a whole. it's been that way for 3 generations now.”


No. AMD makes far more from consoles than it does from PC. Consoles sell far more games which in turn help fund large scale games. Consoles are what have fuelled the gaming market not PC.

SephirothX211367d ago

Yes but they came out in 2018 vs a late 2020 console. The next gen consoles are not a massive jump in compute. The rtx 2080 struggles with Ray tracing and keeping high frame rate and resolution.

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Unspoken1367d ago

Yes, it's an RTX 2080 Max-Q, the mobile edition with half the clock speed @ approx 90 watts is what he is saying can wipe the floor of Next Gen consoles. Their claim is a laptop chip released 6 months ago can beat a console which hasn't even hit the street yet.

D__RAiL1367d ago

Kornholic Yeah Sony is consistently using mocap, face capture and now they are capturing real environments . Hellblade and a Plague Tale are one of the few games outside of Sonys development that use this stuff and its a shame because it just looks way better.

Realms1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )


I guess some people don't remember that PC gaming crashed hard, and it would have taken way longer for it to recover if it weren't for console gaming remaining strong. Also many developers know they can make more money on consoles that's why they port their games. I will gladly take the close nature of consoles that talented developers push vs the raw power of PC that rarely gets used to it's full potential.

DigitallyAfflicted1367d ago

Obvious things we always knew. PC will be always more powerful but it comes with hefty price tag...

ProjectVulcan1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )

Death Stranding will look way better on PC than it does on PS4 Pro. I mean come on....that's obvious. It's 30FPS on console for a start! Double it already for a decent PC.

As for thinking Uncharted 2 lead the way for visuals in 2009, well sorry but there was this little PC game 2 entire years before that in 2007 that says otherwise.

It was a game that matched and even surpassed in some areas what early games on the next gen consoles were pushing out SIX YEARS LATER.

Crysis. Absolutely nothing on console got REMOTELY close to that game for 6 entire years, not some 720p 30FPS PS3 game. Just on high settings and 1080p native (which was achievable on reasonable hardware in 2009) it was glorious and a generation beyond everything on PS3.

Geez some people know nothing....

Zenbaby3691367d ago

@realms I'm not sure consoles helped pc gaming recover so much as they probably assisted in the crash?
@babadook7 Intel is far more computers than AMD so uh..duh AMD makes more on console? Also your statement about console selling "far more games" is actually completely false. I don't know the numbers for this past year but the gap was pretty small last year so I doubt much has changed.

rainslacker1367d ago


If PC is fueling the gaming industry, why are all games for PC always 2-4 years behind the current hardware available from these hardware makers. Both in design, and features? Sometimes they get some of the new features tacked on, but it's typically a while before the newest cards start getting used.

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Vegamyster1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

The other guy doing the show with him gave it to Metro Expdus, DS is also coming to PC, so two multiplats won lol.

2pacalypsenow1368d ago

But it was played on a console.

So a PS4 game got that graphics award, no one knows how it looks on PC.

S2Killinit1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

It won when it was on PS4 only. lol indeed.

GTgamer1368d ago

But to get metro to look like the way they showed, you needed a very strong PC death stranding amazed on just a PS4 Pro even the base ps4 version looks fantastic soooooooooo🙄

Vegamyster1368d ago


Judging by pretty much every other mulitiplat on the market, i'm sure it will look better.


OP is acting obviously to the advantages of more powerful hardware on PC, you want all the bells and whistles you're going to pay a lot more. When DS comes to PC it won't be 1080p/Checkboard 4k at 30 fps obviously, using Hardware below the RTX 2080 i'm sure 60 fps at higher resolution's won't be a challenge based on other games available. It's also just two guys from Digital Foundry talking about which games they thought looked best this year and each gave two different answers, it's merely a fun video.


That's because a lot is going on, of course you need a strong PC when you're using real time global illumination instead of it being baked in ect.

Unspoken1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )

John is also an incredibly bias shill less about tech than Alex and Richard. Can't take any of his reviews or recommendations seriously. Death Stranding does have some great motion/facial capture tech copied straight into the game for the in game cutscenes/movies which means less work for artist, ironically, and much less stress on the engine due to the scripted nature.

Putting it On PC will make it look that much better if the don't do a worthless job on porting it.

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fr0sty1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

That 2080 won't get maxed out until long after the consoles release, that's the issue. PC games aren't just written to run on the top of the line hardware, they have to make sales to the millions of PC owners with mid-range gear, so they make games targeted at mid-rage that can run at higher quality, resolutions, and framerates on top-tier machines. Consoles, being a closed ecosystem, they can do a lot more with maximizing power without having to worry about it eating into their potential install base.

Hungryalpaca1368d ago

I just wish companies like Crytek back in the day of OG crysis still existed. Pushing PC hardware as far as possible.

Shame really.

fr0sty1367d ago

That's why they don't do that anymore, not that many people have top of the line PCs to game on, and when you make games just for those people, you don't sell a lot of games.

mkis0071368d ago

It doesn't cost anywhere near that price to make the graphics card. They just have to sell them at high markups to cover the cost of selling so few ( relatively).

galmi1368d ago

"Seeing as how Death Stranding won best graphics award from John at Digital Foundry considering there’s PC GPUs alone that cost twice as much as current gen consoles."

This isnt really an argument, the game will look better on PC, besides that was John's opinion, while the other guy picked Metro Exodus

Zeref1367d ago

You know those consoles must be something else when NVIDIA, the best GPU maker feels threatened by them.

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CaptainHenry9161367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )

I did not spend $750 for this card. More like $600 but I got a good deal for it and two free games