Killzone 2 Multiplayer Beta three new videos

TTP sent Gamersyde these videos from the public beta of Killzone 2, mostly showing the environments with much details. Such a great lighting! Over 15 minutes footage of Killzone 2 multiplayer beta.

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himdeel3629d ago this beta =) Have to be deliberate in the shots you fire or you might get a friend.

LSDARBY3629d ago

How the hell can an online game look so good???? This is a huge achievment HUGE.

Cinos1233628d ago

Game looks great, but the death animations need to be scraped or fixed they look extremely awkward.

Also to the people putting up these videos thank you, but also keep in mind a bad player can make a game look so awful;case in point the videos, this at least was a decent player filming.

The Captain3628d ago

I was going to post these videos as well. The rocket video is amazing with the debris!!!

No words, no words