Final Fantasy XIII 10 Year Anniversary - My First Real Final Fantasy Game

Telling the story of how and why this was the first Final Fantasy game I played for the 10th anniversary of Final Fantasy XIII.

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KaaF64d ago

13 is not a "Real Final Fantasy Game".

Kurisu64d ago

You might not like to think so but would you look at that, it is.

Elda64d ago

I enjoyed playing most of the FF games since the NES days but FFX & FFXIII are my top favorite FF games.

Jls164d ago

This was also my first ff was hoping for a remaster on ps4 maybe ps5

InKnight7s64d ago

Dissidia, World of, Crisis Core,I, IV, VI, VII, VIII, IX X, XI, XII, xIv. Are all better than FFXIII, even the sequels are better than the first part.

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