Telltale Games Will No Longer Develop Games Episodically

Telltale Games are re-assessing their approach to the release model of their games as well.

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Knightofelemia590d ago

I didn't mind the episodic route they took with their games I just want the games to be good like Wolf Among Us or Tales from the Borderlands

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porkChop590d ago

That's the thing. Wolf and Tales are the only games where they really changed up their formula. Haven't played Batman, but I've played all the others. Stale gameplay and horrible framerate were the big dealbreakers for a lot of people.

YEP414590d ago

Yea but just release them all at once

rainslacker590d ago

I didn't mind it. I just waited until the full product released. I stopped buying physical games from them though, since they weren't the full versions anyways.

Otherwise, they just took too long between episodes too often....which probably didn't help their financial situation.

DarXyde589d ago

I think Siren: Blood Curse did it perfectly.

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Axecution590d ago

im so happy theyre back <3

Ratty590d ago

As far as I know Telltale is mostly back in name and licenses only though. They were acquired some time after the studio closed down and a lot of people had already been laid off. Apparently they offered freelance positions to former employees. I don't know how many that is.

I think it's great that their games will get sequels but it's really a different company with the same name.

After10Ben590d ago

They did hire the same directors (Nick Herman & Dennis Lenart) for Wolf Among Us 2, so that's promising.

Fluttershy77590d ago

Of course they are not going to have 100% the exact same staff they had after that shtshow; but they did get a lot of people back; and is not like Rare where, through more than a decade you can argue the entire spirit of the studio was lost; this happened rather recently. So, I'm confident: let's see... You and I, the fans we have to support this or at least keep an open mind about it.

ninja2ri590d ago

It was a stupid model to begin with. Look at the Hitman and Life is Strange sequels.

pecorre590d ago

Maybe you should read the article. Games may still be sold as episodes.

"We are creating the stories episodically, but how they will be released is still to be determined,” said Ottilie. “I think the important distinction here is that we will no longer be developing episodically. If we do release the game in episodes, all of them will be ready before the first one hits the store.

Muzikguy590d ago

Never tell someone.tjst.they should read the article when it comes to gamingbolt garbage journalism

TheRealTedCruz590d ago (Edited 590d ago )

More Borderlands and Wolf Among Us, please.
And please take cues from more recent titles like the council. More player choice and agency. Not just a highly linear experience. Just a modern adventure game.

HexxedAvenger590d ago

Aren’t they doing wolf among us 2?

TheRealTedCruz590d ago

Haven't been following. I know they were prior to the close, but I was under the impression they were just a skeleton crew now that were finishing up Walking Dead and putting the games back on shelves.

rainslacker590d ago

TFTBL could really be an ongoing series IMO.

I mean, with all these services like Game Pass or streaming, it's the kind of series which you could have regular episodes for, and make it so each month or two you have something new to download. Then, there is less chance of just joining and dropping out to binge something you want to play. Other IP's would lend themselves well to the same model, so it doesn't have to be just adventure games.

SwagginMcdoodles590d ago

Good. I'm honestly sick and tired of the model. What's worst is when these same models also don't let you buy episodes individually.

Ratty590d ago

I suppose Telltale started a trend with TWD. I never felt like it was a bad model personally but you're right that it's bad if they don't let you buy them individually.

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