Assassin's Creed Day 2019: How The Franchise Has Evolved And Changed

Assassin’s Creed games differ wildly from each other, with some being simple stealth action games and others being straight up RPGs.

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Knightofelemia58d ago

Only great Assassin was Ezio only shitty Assassin's were Arno and Connor

Hroach61658d ago

Ive been a fan of the franchise since the first game released. I’ve beaten every mainline game in the series nearly to 100%. I know it’s not everyone’s thing but I’ve enjoyed the shift to more rpg elements. Although the modern story lost its way along the way. And especially since it’s change in origins. It prob needs to just be dropped at this point. Which is a shame because I was interested in the modern stuff. Right up till what’s his name, the first guy, died. Then it started floundering.
But I still really enjoy the past storylines. They seem to have way more effort put into them. And because it’s all new in each game for the most part they don’t need to have really strong connections. So that helps.
Looking forward to the next game/setting.

littletad57d ago

Odyssey is not an "assassin's" game by any means. And if the next game has helix credits, I'm done with the franchise.

CoNn3rB57d ago

This franchise gets a lot of sh*t but you have to admit that the games do evolve gameplay-wise, I'm not too stoked on the RPG elements but I like the new combat

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