How Respawn Entertainment won this generation

Chirag Pattni talks about the struggles of Respawn Entertainment. Their quality games and how they've become one of the best developers in the industry.

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Spurg61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

From Software owns this generation with Dark Souls

UltraNova61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Agreed, Bloodborne, DS3, Sekiro....its no contest really. Then you have Capcom... Monster Hunter, DMC5, RE 2 remake if a dev is on fire its them!

That said, my respects to Respawn as well for escaping the designation of "those guys that made Modern warfare" to the guys who managed to become EA's top tier and most valuable studio, beating DICE in the process by releasing spectacular games like the Titanfall series, the great Star wars:fallen order and Apex Legends.


Special mention - Square Enix for being awesome as well the entire gen.

NiteX60d ago

There's many people who just don't care about From Software games. Capcom did okay this gen, not great. They waited until the very end to give us RE2 and the passable DMC5. Square Enix was all over the place this gen, the black stain that is FFXV tarnished the SE name.

2pacalypsenow61d ago

Respawn has made 2 successful game in 6 years and they won the generation?

Atom66661d ago

You act like making 2 successful games in a six year span isn't actually pretty damn impressive.

Titanfall 1, Titanfall 2, Apex, and now Fallen Order are all quality titles. All from a brand new studio somehow succeeding despite the succubus that is EA.

I'll give credit where it's due with those guys.

2pacalypsenow61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Titanfall is average at best.

You can’t “own” a decade when you haven’t done as much as others.

First game got boring after the first hour, and the second no one played.

Atom66661d ago

Uh huh. It's generation, not decade.

Let's be real, I suspect you didn't play either game. Not sure what's to gain from knocking Respawn, though. I'm guessing it's somehow related to fanboy wars, but I think we'd be lucky if more devs delivered like they have this gen.

TK-6661d ago (Edited 61d ago )


4 successful games***

They've had TF1, TF2, Apex Legends and Fallen Order. Incredibly good record for a new studio in that timespan.

tucky61d ago

Are you kidding... Titanfall 1 and fallen order are sh*t games

2pacalypsenow60d ago

My bad, generation not decade.

2013 - 2019.

You're telling me releasing 2 average games and 2 good games is merit to "own" an entire generation across 4 consoles and 6 years?

Damn then this generation was worse than I thought.

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TK-6661d ago (Edited 61d ago )


You've got two lessons to take away from this:

1. Understand the flexibility of usage for the word "won".
2. Learn to read past the headline.

The article isn't saying there are any losers this generation, or that Respawn was in a competition with anyone else. It's talking about how they were a new studio following the Infinity Ward controversy and that they've now gone on to become a respected studio with multiple successes under their belt in one generation. Titanfall, Apex Legends and Fallen Order; how can you interpret that to not being a huge win for a new studio?

2pacalypsenow60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Because I don't fall for the " poor them, they got treated poorly, started their own studio and now make some decent games, lets give them a gold star", I mean it's not like we're talking about some rookie developers here, they're freaking Infinity Ward.

I would put FromSoftware, Nintendo, Ubisoft or Capcom ahead of them in terms of quantity and quality for this generation.

Now if the article is talking about "The little engine that could", then I agree with you.

Teflon0260d ago

Because moving already experienced devs to a new studio doesn't change the fact alot are involved in making one of histories biggest named FPS titles. There isn't anything really that impressive about what they've done. I'd say they've been pretty average. Respawn had a respected name from the beginning so they're really in no different spot now

BQ3260d ago

Because there are so many haters on here against mp games and respawn has mostly specialized in mp. I swear there is a legion of gamers that can't handle losing in mp so instead just try and look down and trash anything mp oriented. This site is overwhelming made up of sp players so the logic of downvotes and disagrees is easy to understand.

TK-6660d ago (Edited 60d ago )


Everything you said isn't a refutation of what this article said. You attacked it because you misunderstood the title and refused to read past it.

"I mean it's not like we're talking about some rookie developers here, they're freaking Infinity Ward."

Yeah, and they had zero equipment at the start. Have you seen the story of the studios beginnings? How bare and empty the studio was and having to negotiate with landlords and having makeshift work areas for the early months of development. That studio 6 years later has 4 highly successful games under their belt and have achieved greater success than most major studios in that timeframe. Its a great success story.

"I would put FromSoftware, Nintendo, Ubisoft or Capcom ahead of them in terms of quantity and quality for this generation."

Ubisoft? Ahead in terms of quality? LOL. I don't even need to explain how dumb that opinion is. Also, your showing you completely missed the point of the article, and how its not saying that anyone lost because Respawn won. It's saying that Respawn did great this generation and that its A HUGE WIN FOR THEM. Why is that so difficult for you to understand? Get some wrinkles in your brain....


"Because moving already experienced devs to a new studio doesn't change the fact alot are involved in making one of histories biggest named FPS titles."

However, it does mean that that they had to find a completely different work-space, and build funds for a new studio. Have you not seen the pictures of their early workplaces? They were squatting for a period of time because that was the only meeting place they could find. Just because they were Infinity Ward doesn't mean they'll achieve the same quality and success as a new studio; Bungie's record since going independent proves that.

The studio had nothing but wins this generation. Whats so difficult to understand about that?

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awdevoftw61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Lol. Look, their games are ok. I had fun with the first titanfall. The second was ok. Haven't felt compelled to play the star wars game, but it looks ok. Dont play the battle royale crap, so Apex legends doesnt interest me at all. If mediocrity wins, so be it.

Septic61d ago

Like, that's your opinion and all.

The first Titanfall was brilliant. Really added depth to shooters and the second delivered an excellent campaign and great MP.

You may not play Battle Royale but plenty of people do. And for those people, like me, Apex Legends is an excellent BR game that is amongst the best (the best imo). I haven;t played Star Wars yet but I've heard great things from those who have.

A solid consistent delivery throughout this generation isn't an easy thing to achieve but Respawn, made from the shadows of the old IW studios did it and did it well.

Kornholic61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

" Really added depth to shooters"

Titanfall 1 LACKED depth, that's why the player base died so quickly. It was the biggest criticism the game ever got. The mechanics were solid and somewhat innovative since COD was influenced by the movement mechanics.

Atom66661d ago

So you haven't played 1/2 of their games but felt we would enjoy your opinion all the same?

Nah, we're good. Appreciate the thought though.

awdevoftw61d ago

It's all good. We dont have to agree, as you have your own opinion. But, to be fair, 3 out of those four games are basically titanfall. So.......... yeah.

purple10161d ago

Santa Monica won this gen hands down. Never had so many good battles as in god of war. Its the only game I ever wanted to increase the difficty and try again.. It was THAT GOOD

Thunder_G0d_Bane61d ago

One game and you think they've won a gen? Its not even better than God of War 3.

I can't say any particular dev has won the gen. But From Software has had the most hits this gen.

Ricegum61d ago

^ clearly hasn't played God Of War.

KyRo61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

You could release one game and it could make them Dev on the generation to someone. Quality over quantity.

I don't really think there's any one studio this generation that has defined a generation for me where as last generation it would have been Naughty Dog by quite a margin.

This topic is subjective though. The first post states From Software but apart from BloodBorne, I couldn't really get into DS or Sekrio but that don't make his opinion wrong. It's just not to my taste.

Wasabi61d ago (Edited 61d ago )


**"Santa Monica won this gen hands down"**

God of War was ok and I very much enjoyed the battles with the Valkyrie's, but I preferred the God of War 3 remaster personally. The overall enemy design and variety was far superior in my opinion.

I mean, how many times do the devs want me to fight a different colour variation of the exact same troll with the exact same animation when I kill it.

purple10161d ago

True, I just think they story, sound and fighting mechanics, everything about it I loved.

I did expect it to be good but it surpassed my expectations.

I come from playing fighting / driving arcade kart racers... Pick up n'play type games.

For me to play a big long story game rpg action whatever you want to call it... It must have been good!

Wasabi61d ago (Edited 61d ago )


There's no doubting God of War is a great game but after playing the other games in the God of War series, I just felt that the change of pace was too much for me personally.

There were some amazing set pieces (The dragon fight at the top of the mountain was a standout moment) and I still think that the (Thor like) feeling of power when you throw and recover the leviathan axe is unmatched in any other game outside of Control or the Infamous series, it almost brought a nostalgic tear to my eye when I finally got my hands on the Blades of Chaos later in the game.

The trolls did p*ss me off though, The first time I fought one I was like "this is amazing", after what seemed like the 10th fight against them the novelty had worn off despite some slight changes to the fight design with the introduction of different elements as the game progressed.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, I'd certainly buy a sequel as I enjoyed it too - but for me at least it was not quite as good as some of the older games in the series.

rainslacker60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

I think Geurilla Games won. At least if we're going to keep it to Sony 1st party. They finally got recognition to how good of a studio they are outside the KZ, and a segment of the overall PS fan base. They've always kind of been in the background behind ND and SSM, but they are some of the best game designers and graphics engineers in the industry.

Y_515060d ago

@rainslacker I believe you are right. Horizon Zero Dawn is definitely my favorite game this gen and what started me off this gen was actually Shadow Fall which had a pretty fun Multiplayer.

Yui_Suzumiya60d ago

I played through about half of God of War and then sold it for Wolfenstein: Youngblood which I put about 40 hours into and loved.

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Lon3wolf61d ago

Funny that on an opinion piece article.

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