Ori developer Moon Studios’ next game is an action RPG | VGC

Job ad describes RPG project which “dares to innovate”.

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Obscure_Observer1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )


A next gen Action-Fantasy RPG from Moon Studios will be nothing but out of this world!

Is it a new SX exclusive? Phil must acquire Moon Studio asap!

Such a talented developer! :)

TK-661255d ago

I'm sure they've already tried. Its inconceivable considering the success MS had with Ori and Cuphead that a studio who excels in creating 2D sidescrollers wouldnt have been on their list.

It's likely Moon Studio wants to remain independent.

1254d ago
TK-661254d ago

Yes, Cuphead. Problem?

timotim1255d ago

Grip them up before its too late Microsoft!

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SyntheticForm1254d ago

Ori and the Blind Forest is easily one of my favorite metroidvanias of all time. Great musical score, high quality art, awesome chase sequences, and tight controls.

Looking forward to the sequel and hearing more about this action RPG.

oasdada1254d ago

Same here i think that game is one of thr best if not The best xbox exclusive and one of the best metroidvanias for me personally

CaptainHenry9161254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

Ori is one of my favorite games. Have it on my Switch.

MWH1254d ago

I'll take anything from Moon Studio on par with Ori, what an amazing and beautifully crafted game.

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