ONM: Star Wars: The Clone Wars Review

ONM writes: "It's well-known that Star Wars fans were crying out for a lightsaber game ever since the Wii's unique controller was first revealed. A few months ago this was partly achieved with The Force Unleashed - an enjoyable action romp with a compelling storyline - but as the title suggests that game focused more on Force powers than those lovely glowing blades of awesome. As a result, with a game like Lightsaber Duels, it should be pretty obvious what the weapon of choice is this time around.

Ironically there isn't an awful lot here in terms of lightsaber combat that wasn't in The Force Unleashed. In fact, there are actually less options available to you. The game picks up five different lightsaber swipes (up, down, left, right and a thrust) and each character has their own combination moves that are activated by stringing together various attacks. You can also throw objects at opponents by holding C and flicking the Nunchuk, and use the force to blast energy at them by holding Z instead. And that's about it."

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