Unreal Tournament 3: Hands-on Impression

"You of course have the new and improved graphics engine, but one of the biggest enhancements to the Unreal Tournament formula is the addition of some new, adreniline-pumping vehicles. Besides your own personal hoverboard you can use at any time, there were a variety of moving things at my disposal."

"Along with your standard tanks and other personal carriers, the biggest and most exciting vehicle was the huge Dark Walker you could use to traverse the map and blast away just about anyone with one or two shots. Now, before you scream about balance, this Dark Walker was actually fairly easy to take down once you understood the game a bit. It's easy to hide in a nearby crevice and blast the thing with rockets -- which were very easily available throughout the map."

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BadTaste5719d ago

Hellz yeah, can't wait for this game on Xbox 360.

zonetrooper55719d ago

I'm still not sure whether i should buy this game for the Xbox 360 or my PC.

DixieNormS5719d ago

Epic will be tremendously happy

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL5719d ago

the game multi-player only or does it have a single player component as well?

big_tim5719d ago

a single player campaign and story. The previous versions were 90% multiplayer, 10% single. This one should have a better mix but will still be focused on multiplayer.