We Happy Few Devs: Trying to Maintain Creativity at Microsoft Isn't as Hard As People Think It Is

The developers of We Happy Few, Compulsion Games, commented that trying to maintain creativity at Microsoft isn't as hard as people think thanks to the leadership that understands the importance of creative games.

Overall, they've had a positive experience so far.

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ccgr1072d ago

Still have to play this game

SkatterBrain1072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

whats XGP? sounds like an early 90s game system , Buy the new Nicon: XGP with turbo 34 Graffix , XGP-The way its meant to be played

timotim1072d ago

I think every new studio acquisition at XGS has come out and spoke about how they are able to retain creative freedom. This is good news to hear...looking forward to their next project.

1072d ago
CaptainHenry9161072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

"You also said Ninja Theory is an indie developer and many other unflattering comments."

That's my opinion. A lot of their past games feels unfinished or missing depth. I thought DMC was their best game

timotim1072d ago

Yeah, his onstage bit with Matt Booty about working on Office was funny as hell.

DaDrunkenJester1072d ago

*Actual Zune

I love Tim haha

ScootaKuH1071d ago

Rare? Let's be honest, under Microsoft Rare aren't what they were. Also what about the Fable devs?

darthv721072d ago

MS has been very hands off this gen and that will continue on into next gen. They want the studios to deliver the best of their ideas without "micro" managing.

jznrpg1072d ago ShowReplies(1)
SkatterBrain1072d ago

yeah i hope they dont make good studios work on gimmicky things then close them down like lionhead studios and sony with evolution studios, that fable kinect and Psvr Rigs/Driveclub vr .... i really hope if Dreams doesnt sell that sony will keep Media Molecule i loved the little big planet games but so far the games in dreams feel a little unfinished

DaDrunkenJester1072d ago

Well luckily they don't seem to have any gimmicks yet like a Kinect for this gen. Seems like they are more focused on their content delivery through the services and need big and small devs to provide a constant stream of games.

rainslacker1072d ago

Lionhead was one of those situations where maybe MS should have had more of a hand in reigning in creativity. Molyneux is kind of one of those people who doesnt set limits on his own expectations based on what's actually possible to accomplish

Obscure_Observer1072d ago


"Molyneux is kind of one of those people who doesnt set limits on his own expectations based on what's actually possible to accomplish"

He left Microsoft after Mattrick "forced" him into making a Fable Kinect game! After his departure Lionhead couldn´t create nothing relevant or very exciting. I think Playground will be a better studio than Lionhead ever could be without Molyneux.

My two cents.

SkatterBrain1072d ago

the studios from the past use to complain about how controlling microsoft was

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gangsta_red1072d ago

I know Lionhead was vocal about MS wanting a specific Fable from them, the Kinect one and then the 4 vs 1 Fable that got cancelled. And they even pitched a darker more mature Fable game to MS that they rejected in order for them to work on the ones I mentioned.

thatguyhayat1072d ago

Im pretty sure bungie expressed themselves too but Lionhead studios were all over social media saying how frustrating it was working for Microsoft

DaDrunkenJester1072d ago

Yeah, I feel like MS has changed a lot with this new leadership though. Seems like all their devs are expressing they have creative freedom. You see The Coalition being able to expand Gears in new ways with Tactics, Pop, and even change up Gears 5 formula a bit.

I'm hoping we see 343 expand a bit and do some side stuff outside of Chief after Infinite.

thatguyhayat1072d ago


The leadership was the same. Lionhead studios was still under Phils management but after the game awards they've taken the right step. We'll see how it goes

King_Noctis1072d ago

Yeah but we are talking about the present though, and MS had learnt a lot from their past.

1071d ago
King_Noctis1071d ago

I mean, if you have to ask “like what?” then I don’t think you have actually been following any news at all.

Spenok1072d ago

Says the We Happy Few Devs who made a horrible game xD

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