Best Horror Game of 2019

NoobFeed writes - Sometimes you just want to be scared senseless. Having an experience where you're constantly on edge and want to shut off the game. That's where horror games come in, creating a jittery atmosphere where every action is heightened because of that stress. Here is NoobFeed's best horror game of 2019.

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CaptainHenry9161132d ago

Blair witch project was good too

UltraNova1132d ago

Layers of Fear 2 was my top horror game for 2019.

CaptainHenry9161132d ago

Did you think the second one was better than the first?

UltraNova1131d ago

I went in with no expectations suspecting they couldn't surpass the first but...I was amazed to find out that they did! Everything has been improved in the sequel. The jump scares feel fresh-ish, the atmosphere is even more claustrophobic and tense than before. The writing is head and shoulders above the first.

If I were to rate both games I would say they first was a 7,5/10 and the second 8,5/10.

Smokehouse1132d ago

I just remembered I bought man of Medan and never played it lmao. Thanks for the reminder.

NecrumOddBoy1132d ago

Just to bring it up, I really liked Days Gone a lot. But.... it never feels like horror although it's scary in many parts. More like stress and tension over horror fear though.

jaymacx1132d ago

Especially when Hordes come. I liked the challenge though

Abnor_Mal1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

Man of Madan being multiplatform did wonders for the game. It sold exceptionally well being on different platforms and a wider audience got to play the game instead of it being locked to one console.

With the way each console player base bought the game I can see a bright future for Supermassive. Real sales explosion.

Edit: "During its first week on sale, 81% of the game's retail copies were sold on PlayStation 4, versus 19% on Xbox One. However, Man of Medan didn't reach the same level of physical sales in comparison to Supermassive's 2015 title Until Dawn, selling 61% fewer physical copies at launch than the PlayStation 4 exclusive."

Edit2: Not sure I'd this is true but saw this on reddit. "The PS4 and Xbox One title sold 58.7 per cent less copies than Remedy’s previous title, Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break."

It was a thirty dollar multiplatform game and still sis not sell as well as an exclusive sixty dollar game by the same company, yikes.

Lccz1132d ago

Quod spectat vere bonum, Ego probaverunt eam valde ita ut participes.

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