Dynasty Warriors : Gundam 2 new gameplay video

Koei has released a new gameplay video of Dynasty Warriors : Gundam 2 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2 scheduled for December 18 in Japan.

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DA_SHREDDER3628d ago

I played the first one,, and my guess is that part 2 wont be good either. Same boring gameplay, outdated graphics, no online. Japan needs to stop making this rubbish. They used to be considered the best devs in the world,, now im starting to think they really are just a bunch of inbreds with video game programing degrees.

Andreas-Sword3624d ago


That is wrong, what you've written!

DYNASTY WARRIORS GUNDAM 2 is a very innovative game. In this game, there a lot of innovations:

- Online Versus Mode
- more new modes
- new Missions Mode
- 6 new Missions modes
- new Enemies, and new Gundams
- 11 new Mobile Suits
- 7 new Mobile Armors
- 5 new series
- new Stages
- new Charge Attacks
- new special Attacks
- a lot of DLC

please read this:


Dissidia3628d ago

I enjoyed the demo of the first game.
I think i'll give this one a try, but I agree. This game looks O.K graphically, i'm guessing its b/c Japanese devs are more concerned with fun factor than they are with graphical leaps. They make this game look good, when it could look great, its a real shame that with some games they don't take advantage of the power under the hood of these next gen systems.

DA_SHREDDER3628d ago

The new Gundam on the psp looks better and more fun then this. Also, the japannese need to find out what fun is again. Last I heard they dont think online gaming is the future. Why do you think the Wii and the ps3 have bad networking? American products and developers ftw!