BioShock: Can the newest installment thrive without Ken Levine?

AppTrigger: "As we close in on 2020, some are touting BioShock Infinite as one of the decade’s best games, but can the franchise strike gold again without Ken Levine at the helm?"

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bluefox7551198d ago

I might survive, but it probably won't be Bioshock anymore.

MadLad1198d ago

I have a giant amount of admiration for the man and his body of work. That said, I thought Infinite was rather disappointing, and a shell of the game it was supposed to be.

That was after basically being written a blank check, and given an unchecked development period. Definite mismanagement on his part.

I'm interested in seeing what new hands make out of the franchise.

maelstromb1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

1st Bioshock is a masterpiece. 2nd a very competent sequel. Infinite... an absolute disaster of a game. I don't think it's any secret that most of the game's shortcomings and failures were attributed to Ken Levine's mismanagement and his unchecked ego, which ultimately led to multiple iterations during development and in turn caused an unraveling of the project and final product. And even further justification as to why it was crucial to introduce a turn toward the familiar with the Burial At Sea DLC... That said, I'm excited at the prospect of a new Bioshock. Let someone else take the reigns and deliver.