MotorStorm 'Behind the Scenes' video

New game play and behind the scenes video of Motorstorm on

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theGreat15719d ago

No doubt about it's graphics but I can'nt see people falling all over themselves to kick out $600 just to play it. Looks like a game you'll play for a couple of days and just push it to the back of the self until you trade it.

Siesser5719d ago

I've had just the demo since November 17th, and I still play it regularly. It's a fun game, which is plenty of reason to get excited. As people have often said; no one pays $600 to play one game.

DJ5719d ago

I didn't realize Monument Valley was that gorgeous. Even the early September demo of Motorstorm is proving to be very popular at PS3 kiosks. This game is gonna sell a LOT of consoles, especially if the online multiplayer proves to be even more psychotic than campaign mode.

I don't know what theGreat1's smokin' 'cause every game site and magazine has been hyped up about this title for months.