Why Timed-Exclusives Still Suck

There's a saying about eating your cake and having it too... Timed exclusives are a bad thing to do.

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AngelicIceDiamond544d ago

What's even worse is permanent exclusives. Very anti consumer to keep it off a certain platform. It makes a great buissness for either Sony or MS helps consoles sells immensely however.

I'm calling it now at Sony's February event they'll have a surprise reveal for Destiny 3. Not only that but it'll be EXCLUSIVELY on PS5 Think about it. With in Engine vignette

1.) MS doesn't do 3rd party exclusives anymore (for now anyway) Sony can just walk in there and make a deal. No more activsion either means they could use Sony's funds.
2.) Destiny was a franchise that was instrumental in the success of the PS4. Sony wants emulate that again only twist is they're publishing it and making it only for PS5 with most likely a PC version also.
3.) Its been a little over 2 years since Destiny 2. When PS5 launches, the timing couldn't be more perfect. It'll be 3 years and will launch along side PS5.

Sony leans on 3rd party early on because they've exhausted their first party, so they need a big 3d party Ip to help them out while 1st party are hard at work. Historically Sony usually does this, as I mentioned to help bolster sells. Its dirty buissness but its buissness at the end of the day. Imo that would derail most of MS momentum almost instantly and everyone will be talking about Destiny 3 and PS5. immediate system seller.

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Silly gameAr543d ago (Edited 543d ago )

I know you guys are high on Series X right now, but try not to be delusional. Sony exhausted their first party? What? I thought you were one of the some what level headed ones. 3rd party deals are made at the start, middle and end of a gen. It doesn't mean that the first party is exhausted.

AngelicIceDiamond543d ago

I guess you missed the part where I said temporarily while the big AAA games are being worked on. Sony is very consistent 1st party wise but so it doesn't even matter. I guess everyone doesn't like the idea that Destiny 3 could maybe be a exclusive to PS5. It's possible Sony could have a a big game releasing along side PS5. But Sony needs to counter Halo: Infinite. I'm just speculating here, conjure up discussion. It's not my fault ppl half read what I wrote and immediately freak out.

CaptainHenry916543d ago (Edited 543d ago )

This is stupid comment 🤦‍♂️

jznrpg543d ago (Edited 543d ago )

Well permanent exclusives are called 2nd party . MS really went all out on timed exclusives and made it normal with 360. Just because they failed miserably this last gen and didn’t generate enough revenue To be approved for many of those transactions lately doesn’t mean they won’t do them in the future .

Veneno543d ago

Exactly. When you're losing its " we don't moneyhat exclusives because it's not friendly to the consumer" then the next day it's " we want the best experience possible on our platform so we moneyhat exclusives".

sinspirit543d ago

Bungie confirmed a 5-year Destiny 2 commitment. While I think Bungie would be down to work with Sony on another project, I don't think it will happen. My guess would be Bungie working alongside Sony to help guide a new online game for the platform, but not developing any titles for them.

"Sony leans on 3rd party early on because they've exhausted their first party".

Every company leans on 3rd parties. I get it. You never SAID the others don't do it. You just conveniently leave it out while focusing on one. MS has leaned on 3rd parties throughout this whole gen because their first party release schedule was horrid.

"Historically Sony usually does this, as I mentioned to help bolster sells. Its dirty buissness but its buissness at the end of the day. "

Yep, everyone does. I get it. You never *said* the others don't.

"Its dirty buissness but its buissness at the end of the day"

What about buying up a bunch of studios just before next-gen? You don't wanna connect that dot with why they don't have a lot of 3rd party support for next gen? Cause, they just bought the 3rd parties.. They bought a lot at once when their prior history is simply being the console they release their games on. Is what it is. Convenient to complain about Sony doing this just because MS acquired the previously 3rd party support..

"After TLOU2 do you really expect to see anything from them on PS5 next year?"

What does this even mean? So, you think they won't have anything for PS5? You aren't aware they have a ton of huge studios that have unannounced games in the works for years, and several of their major studios are the size of 2-3 studios and are capable of developing multiple AAA titles at once?

" Sony doesn't rush games they take their time. Sony leans on 3rd party temporarily until the their games are ready."

You're right. They do wait till they are ready, and yet we still get consistent release schedules. Since Sony has internally grown a lot of their studios they will have even more consistent releases from each studio, and because of similar system architecture and compatibility there will be a much easier adjustment period. Meaning, PS5 should be seeing a lot of AAA first party games right off the bat. I say *should* because of how long it has been since many of their studios have spoken of what they're working on. Anything can happen. I know that Sony doesn't have the strongest launch year line-ups, but no console manufacturer really does. They all falter on the first year since last gen. But, there are a ton of factors at hand that should make it a much easier adaptation for a new console release this go around.

jznrpg543d ago

To counter your Sony relies on 3rd party argument, MS doesn’t release much at the end of gen so they have stuff for launch .

Atom666543d ago

There's been about a dozen articles in the last week praising Xbox's 2020 release schedule. I don't see where you're "countering" OPs point.

If MS is smart, they have a bunch of 3rd party exclusives lined up for the next few years to go along with whatever their 1st party is up to. That would counter his point.

Traecy543d ago

Not first party exclusives. Any company that makes hardware has every right to have their studios making software solely for the hardware they make. Exclusive software on consoles is a business.

XabiDaChosenOne543d ago

"Sony leans on 3rd party early on because they've exhausted their first party, so they need a big 3d party Ip to help them out while 1st party are hard at work."
Always a new narrative with you guys lol.

You: "Very anti consumer to keep it off a certain platform."
Also you: "PC ports or games that already exist. Thry're none AAA games like COD, BF, Destiny, The division etc."

So as long as they are not AAA games and it's already on the P.C. It's not anti consumer to keep it off playstation right? Gotcha.

AngelicIceDiamond543d ago (Edited 543d ago )

"keep it off playstation right? Gotcha."

You said that not me. It's like nobody can read on here or somethin.

Those games are on PS and if they aren't now they will be later. Something like SF and Final Fantasy are never hitting the other console. Big difference.

Christopher543d ago (Edited 543d ago )

"I'm calling it now at Sony's February event they'll have a surprise reveal for Destiny 3. Not only that but it'll be EXCLUSIVELY on PS5 Think about it. With in Engine vignette"

I don't think so. That was an Activision-based deal. I don't think Bungie wants those sort of deals moving forward.

"MS doesn't do 3rd party exclusives anymore"

Cuphead, Tunic, Crossfire X, Tell Me Why, etc. Now, perhaps they aren't doing AAA exclusives, but I think that's because they currently have chosen to invest in the new studios. But, I think they'll grab what AAA exclusives they can once they have the current studios established.

AngelicIceDiamond543d ago

Yeah I meant AAA. I'm glad you caught on to what I was talking about I appreciate that. IMO I think MS are very naive to let go of AAA 3rd party exclusives. If Sony has no problem doing it (because it's a buissness they want to make money and sell consoles) then MS should get back into it imo.

UltraNova543d ago

I would not be surprised if Sony bought Bungie either.

Christopher543d ago

@UltraNova: Bungie selling to anyone would surprise the heck out of me considering how much they are fighting to be an independent studio as it is. I mean, similar thing was said about Insomniac, but they had a massive history of working with Sony directly on Sony IP. Not even close to the same with Bungie.

UltraNova543d ago


You catch up fast (Insomniac) but I'll raise you - Ninja Theory...

Anything can happen, one or two bad financial quarters is all it takes.

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zodiac909543d ago

Well here it is..the stupidest thing I've read all day if there weren't any exclusives there would be no point of multiple consoles existing.

MrVux000543d ago

''Its damn pretty obvious I'm talking about the PS5 and not PS4. After TLOU2 do you really expect to see anything from them on PS5 next year? How bout Bend? Sucker Punch? GG is possibly same with Santa Monica.''

Every studio you mentioned has team A and team B, with B being the significantly smaller team. While team A is working on (let's say) TLOU 2, team B is already working on groundworks of another game project. Once Team A is finished with TLOU 2, they proceed to assist team B on their projects. As the project nears its final stages, Team B slowly proceeds working on yet another game project...and cycle goes on and on. Naughty Dog has done that mutliple times.

Also SONY Santa Monica dev stated that for next God Of War game, the development will be shorter and it won't take 5 years like they needed for God Of War (2018), cuz they spent a lot of that time developing the new game engine.

GG allready has their engine improved now, and its quite possible they have been working on 2 projects since Horizon:Zero Dawns ''Frozen Wilds '' which was released back in late 2017, which was 2 years ago,keeping in mind they have likely allready started working on another game during the last stages of Horizon:Zero Dawn itself.

So it is we could say, that in late 2021 we can we can expect games from those two studios...that is without mentioning the secret project SONY has with San Diego studio, that has been circling around the news for quite some time now.

bluefox755543d ago

Often times games are only possible because of exclusive deals, and exclusives often end being better than anything third party. You call it what you want, but I'll keep exclusives, thank you.

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MADGameR543d ago (Edited 543d ago )

You are wrong. Permanent exclusives are PRO consumer to those who consume the products of the provider. SONY is offering exclusive amazing AAA games and the BEST ONES at that. But only to those who consume their product via PlayStation 4/5 etc. If you don't like it, either get a PS5 or you will miss out. Having exclusive content is EXTREMELY important to the game industry AND competition. If SONY were to put their exclusive games to other platform, well noone would want to buy their console anymore. Their CONSOLE would be DEVALUED! That is something all you PC and X Box crybabies have to understand. That's like you having a beautiful wife who is for you. If every other guy bangs her, what value is she to you at that point? It will HURT the relationship and therefore, you don't want to be associated with her. Same thing with consoles. Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 1 being a timed exclusive for SONY is the greatest thing they've ever done. I can't WAIT til they make Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 a 1 year exclusive to the PS5.

Dragonscale543d ago

Thats quite some rant there angelic lol. Platform exclusives are fine as they give a console an identity and are going nowhere..

leejohnson222543d ago

Get a grip of reality, you can't buy a big Mac in KFC FFS when will people grow up. Platforms need identity and selling points. This is why Sony always delivers the best quality games, because they own the best 1st party studios. Only children/ fan girls who can't have multiple platforms complain about exclusive titles

2pacalypsenow543d ago

I love how everyone's go to word now is "anti consumer" any time a company doesn't cater to your choice.

Sony is not here to support your Xbox or Nintendo, Sony should only care about their customers, and if they do this to get people to buy their console over the competitors, then good for them they're making a business move.

Same applies to MS and Nintendo.

abstractel542d ago

For a developer it's much, much nicer to work on a target platform rather than multiple target platforms. You get better performance. With one year time exclusive they can then focus on maximizing the performance on Xbox.

I'd also be surprised if they didn't include some extra stuff and release that with the Xbox version and have it as DLC for the PS version. Plus they might upgrade it for the next-gen so if you wait you are going to get a better looking experience.

Ratty542d ago

I feel like timed is worse because often you'll get it a year later on your platform yet you'll pay it the same price as a game that just came out.

And it can't be all that good for business because why should I get a console for a game I know is coming out on my platform eventually?

Maybe I just don't get it

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2pacalypsenow544d ago

Easy fix, buy the console that gets all the exclusives.

Tross543d ago

Sadly, some people have a difficult time understanding this concept and wonder why they get mocked for port begging.

Atom666543d ago

I do think some people are mature enough to recognize that it sucks knowing that some people can't enjoy a game we like for one reason or another. While there isn't much we can do about it because we know it's a smart business move, mocking them for it doesn't make any sense to me.

tehpees3543d ago

And then you have people who cannot afford to buy other systems. Sadly some people have a difficult time understanding that restrictions with finances cause them to own one system.

There is a reason PS3 failed hard out the gate and people sided with 360 instead.

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Silly gameAr543d ago (Edited 543d ago )

Well, seems like they're not going anywhere. Either get the console that the game is coming to, or wait for it to come to the console that you own. It's been like this for years. Just another thing that we as gamers have to stomach.

Battlestar23543d ago

I disagree they don't suck but then i own both the One X and the Pro i only buy exclusives on the X and exclusives and 3rd party on the Pro. So it doesn't really matter to me if a game is timed or not I'll get it for what ever console it's released first.

galmi543d ago

own both, do the opposite

Vega75543d ago

I pick it up when it comes out on xbox. I can wait.