Capcom Registers New Trademarks For Dino Crisis

Capcom has registered new trademarks for a number of classic games including cult favourite survival horror Dino Crisis series.

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Marcello1267d ago

The golden age of Capcom is upon us again :)

Imalwaysright1266d ago

Still need an Onimusha sequel.

Auron1266d ago

Not until we get a PROPER Breath of Fire V

TheKingKratos1266d ago

Dragon dogma 2 or remake and then .... only then i will say that "The golden age of Capcom is upon us again'

lifeisgamesok1267d ago

Dino Crysis with the RE Engine 😱 I'll take 3 copies please

gangsta_red1267d ago

Capcom should really re-visit their old IP's starting with Dino Crisis, Onimusha, Trojan and Ghouls n Ghosts

mrmikew20181266d ago

Don’t forget viewtiful Joe and okami

BadElf1266d ago

Okami fo show...but Zack and Wiki is my most wanted

Blu3_Berry1266d ago

Oh man Dino Crisis with the RE Engine is going to be terrifying. We don't get enough dinosaur games these days so I am totally down for this.

jbull1266d ago

A game potentially open world, survival horror against dinosaurs, oh man imagine
T-Rex stalking you throughout the game or even a pack of Utahraptors.

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