10 Things Everyone Chooses To Ignore About Nintendo

Nintendo have done some really questionable things in the past, and it's time someone exposed their not-so-family-friendly past.

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Spenok514d ago

This is a really bad list.... but only because the title sucks and is so all encompassing. If it pointed out that the FANBOYS choose to ignore these things, than sure. But otherwise, these things are well known and documented.

rainslacker513d ago

Some of the things are really dumb. Especially the connection to the Yakuza. Their reasons are completely baseless, and really idiotic.

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King_Noctis514d ago (Edited 514d ago )

“ Once Upon A Time, Nintendo Made Erotic Playing Cards”

“ Nintendo Ran A Love Hotel”

“ Nintendo Was Associated With Gangsters”

“ They Once Had A Cartoon That Was Awful”

Wtf? Those aren’t even gaming related. At this point this dumb site is as bad as GamingBolt, if not worst.

“ They Charge People To Play Classic Games”

In what world do you get to play classic games for free on other console? 🤦‍♂️

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rainslacker513d ago

i used to like the Mario cartoon. On friday's they'd have the Zelda cartoon.

The yakuza connection was that the Yakuza preferred Nintendo playing cards, and Nintendo did nothing to stop them from buying them...because that's what Nintendo should do for some reason. I'd say most gamers don't realize that nintendo didn't start with computer games. "Love Hotels" aren't illegal, anywhere. Unless they were providing escorts, I don't see the problem.

And the last one, yeah, everyone charges for that. No one gives their stuff away for free just because it's old.

Tross513d ago (Edited 513d ago )

Yeah, I'd love for a free service like VC, but I'm willing to pay for the actual games.

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tontontam0514d ago

I did not ignore those, I chose to ACCEPT.

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The story is too old to be commented.