Is free downloadable content really a good thing?

Chirag Pattni talks about downloadable content (DLC) becoming free. Why this may not be a good thing for quality, and where it can work alongside paid DLC.

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xxShadow-Shockxx552d ago (Edited 552d ago )

why wouldnt it be? free is free

ravinash552d ago (Edited 552d ago )

The problem happens when they say a game is free, but once your in they start charging you for every little bit or thing that will make the game any good.

Lon3wolf552d ago

See you used to get a lot of quality DLC for free, once everyone showed they were happy to buy the DLC obviously the free stuff dropped in quality (for the most part).

Tross552d ago (Edited 552d ago )

Yes. Lack of quality has more to do with devs realizing they can charge for what they used to give away for free, and reserving their best work for paid content. But I'll take free content regardless, if it's available.

Yi-Long551d ago

Well, I think developers/publishers have caught on that if they want their game to keep people coming back to it, the best way to do so is to keep supporting it with fresh new content.

Paid DLC will often split up the user-base between haves and have nots, which often meant a relatively quick death to many MP games where people who didn't buy the new maps, just left the game completely, leaving the other half of the player-base with less people to play with/against.

So now we've seen games like Battlefield 5 and Battlefront 2 offering post-launch DLC support, for free, and it means people keep the game installed and keep coming back to it to check the new content.

I know I always check back in with GT Sport to quickly check out the free new cars or the new track.

We've seen a game like No Man's Sky redeeming itself after a less than positive launch.

These past few years have shown some great examples of games, and gamers, benefitting immensely because of some great free DLC support from developers.

We'll still have greedy DLC, and we'll still have lazy DLC. As a gamer, you just have to be wary, do your research, and support those devs that support their product and their player-base.