Who Does The New Jill Valentine Look Like? (Comparisons)

Have you ever had that feeling when you meet someone new but you can't seem to place where you've seen them before or who they remind you of?

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naruga766d ago (Edited 766d ago )

she looks like sht ...that s how she does look like, fact end of story ....ok seriously talking they tried to imitate Yovovich , which is tragic (as Yovovitch along with movies are completely garbage, actor and movies) ...

Jill is one of the most recognisable Capcom mascots (i put her up there along with ryu) and generally in gaming world , should have never touched her face (Julia Voth was perfect if they wanted a real person resemblance) ....also she was damn Hot anime like girl before ..and now she s like my hate-to-watch everyday married neighbor

TheGamez100766d ago (Edited 766d ago )

Well believe it or not, resident evil is made by a jp company by jp devs lol. So the games are in fact weeb, theyre just styled western.

TeamIcoFan765d ago

...I don't think the term "weeb" means what you think it means.

ShadowWolf712766d ago

People who think like this really exist.


Also, Jill looks amazing and NOTHING like Milla Jovovich. Stay mad about it.

TechnoGoat766d ago

You don't spell her name with a Y... lol

brrdat766d ago

i can't believe gamers still cry like this. you need to stop dawg.

GameStallion765d ago

Well, I can sympathize if you were expecting the char to look more OG, but the digital model of the actress they’re using is beautiful.

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Spurg766d ago

She looks like just how a normal woman would look like. She's breath of fresh air considering Japanese tend to oversexualize their female character.

naruga766d ago

og Jill (RE1 -RE3 PS1) was not oversexualized ....had completely normal sizes ...she was just pretty with smart face , and a bit animesque .......and she was one of the most well designed woman characters in gaming world

Spurg766d ago

"she was one of the most well designed woman characters in gaming world"
nice sarcastic comment

CaptainHenry916766d ago

"Japanese tend to oversexualize their female character."

What? Strong statement. I'm not a fan of the new Jill design

BLizardXD766d ago (Edited 766d ago )

"She looks like just how a normal woman would look like. She's breath of fresh air considering Japanese tend to oversexualize their female character."

but the Re1 remake Jill was also based on a real person too.

766d ago
Imalwaysright765d ago

I preferred when she was designed to look like Julia Voth. She had a unique look that stood out while the new design makes her look like the run of the mill pretty next door girl.

PhoenixUp766d ago

What’s wrong with having attractive women? There’s already plenty of attractive men in the series

Spurg766d ago

They should be neither attractive nor unattractive...they should look plain...normal. And this is the aesthetic Capcom are going for and it's a great choice.

PhoenixUp765d ago

Plain looking characters aren’t marketable

If everyone looked like Ethan Winters-level of average then you wouldn’t have as many memorable characters

Leave those forgettable looks for the characters you play as in RE Resistance, leave the looks of established characters alone

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FallenAngel1984766d ago

Jill had the most consistent look in the series especially in contrast to Chris. Why'd they have to mess up with such an established design with this? Leon and Claire look how they should in the RE2 remake, why couldn't they do the same for Jill?

ShadowWolf712766d ago

Claire looks drastically different from her original design, FAR more so than Jill.

FallenAngel1984766d ago

Not at all Claire’s RE2 remake look is consistent with her past designs.

Meanwhile Jill’s RE3 remake look hardly looks at
all like her previous incarnations

It’s not even comparable between Jill & Claire

Abcdefeg766d ago

Capcom most recent characters designs are not very good tbh Vergil face in dmc 5 was fat and lady was fugly

PhoenixUp766d ago

Don’t even get me started on the faces in pre and post release of MvC:I

Abcdefeg766d ago (Edited 766d ago )

Maybe they are trying to connect with western audiences by not hurting the self esteem of female gamers with good looking models haha

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