America's Army 3: First Screenshots

See the first Screenshots of America's Army 3 using the Unreal Engine 3. There are also some comparison screenshots which show its predecessor. Enjoy.

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jkhan3678d ago

Now thats the worst implementation of UE3.:(

The Matrix3678d ago

Was there an America's Army 2?

Fishy Fingers3678d ago

There have been several versions:
America Army
America’s Army: Rise of a Soldier (xbox)
America's Army mobile game (mobiles)
America's Army Arcade game (arcade)
America's Army: True Soldiers (360)
America's Army 3.0 (what the article talks about)

Lot's of info on previous games, govenment applications and more such as AA: Real Heroes can be found here >

San anto3678d ago

the only good implementation of the ue3 is mirrors edge everything else looks like a pile of shiit

TheIneffableBob3678d ago

This game has to be able to be run on a wide number of computes.

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Zip3678d ago

cod 4 looks much better

Fishy Fingers3678d ago

Yes it does. But they're not really similar. AA has much bigger environments and is much more focussed towards realism. Well it used to be when I was into it years ago. You can probably expect quite a lot larger player count.

(although PC COD4 had more player slots than the consoles anyway).

caliblue153678d ago

COD4 might be better, but for America's Army even to look close to it is miraculous itself. Just looking at the screenshots, it does look pretty good, but nothing mind blowing.

But really there is nothing to dis too much here.

Extreme_Coolcat3678d ago

This website shows some mouseover comparitive screenshots


Check "nächste Seite" (next page) for more.

SRuN43678d ago

i never played americas army, but i always got the impression that the online maps were all designed one specific mode, is that right? or could you play multiple modes on a single map?

Bolts3678d ago

As far as I know there is only one mode. But each map is designed for a specific gameplay type.

SRuN43678d ago

ok that's what i thought, so it was like SOCOM 1 and 2 in that respect then? (if you've ever played SOCOM before)

Bolts3678d ago

Well no some Socom maps can be played in multiple modes. Each specific AA maps are designed for VIP escort, eliminations, objective capture, or bombs. You wouldn't be able to play VIP escort in an objective capture map for example. Its not like CoD 4 where you can play Pipeline in all three HQ, Domination, and TDM modes.

devilhunterx3678d ago

This is the only game I play with FRIENDLY FIRE turned ON :)

SRU96003678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

Looks a lot better on the UE3.

I've never liked the gameplay on AA games in the past, though.