Apple should ban poop emoji if Poopdie is too gross for App Store

Felix Kjellberg and his team of developers worked hard on developing their new game and were excited to launch it, but the game got rejected by Apple.

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KaaF74d ago

Don't know what this garbage is, but I'm glad it got rejected.

Ratty74d ago

Certainly looks like garbage to me as well but I'd say if you don't like it don't play it.

xebibe74d ago

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l3w1s74d ago

Gamers(c)(R)(Tm) really like to support censorship until a new art direction makes women look less like strippers.

Auron74d ago

"Don't know what this garbage is, but I'm glad it got rejected."

The stupidity of this comment...

TheDragonSlayer74d ago

Felix is one of the best artists of our time, hopefully his fans can force Apple back to the table.

FiLTHY ESKiMO74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

It's a game where you control an earth worm. Eat vegetables to poop out minions that you can control to fight alongside you.. to boot it has a story that is written by Pewds.

It's pretty decent.

JackBNimble74d ago

That's what it's coming to these days.
The west really isn't free anymore.

FunAndGun74d ago

Nothing has changed with your freedoms though. You can still stand on a public corner and say what you want to say. Any corporation can control what goes on their platform. Capitalism decides these things.

Flewid63874d ago

This is really your definition of enslavement? Edgy. lmao.

Sono42174d ago

It's all because big tech has us by the balls. They should pass a law that requires big tech to enforce their own guidelines equally as well as having to live up to their own guidelines. Because you KNOW this isn't happening now.

rob-GP74d ago

"Or they could just lift the restriction and allow Apple users to play the game since there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. It doesn’t violate any of Apple’s terms and conditions."

How do they know? I imagine it's not the fact there is poop emoji-like things in the game, maybe some of the contained CG or characters are disturbing? Maybe the game wasn't optimised and was running poorly on older devices? Or maybe the context of some of the events is deemed too disgusting for a free to play game (which don't come with ages restrictions if I recall correctly).

The only info he gave was "it's too stinky but we're working on it". I imagine it will come to iOS, Apple has higher standards than the Google Play store though as literally anyone can put anything on the Play store if they wish.

FiLTHY ESKiMO74d ago

It's a worm. Worm turn vegetables into compost. There is nothing too graphic about it. Some of the characters look like garbage pale kids, that's about it...there are no humans in this.

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