First SimCity DS Footage

EA of Japan has just released the first trailer and footage of SimCity DS and it's looking to be another AAA DS title. The stylus seems to work just as good or better than a mouse and new gameplay features may just reinvigorate the aging series. You can help Santa drop presents on Christmas and even fight off giant Ape intruders with your stylus as the weapon! SimCity DS hits Japan on 2/22 with no US release date yet announced.

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Columbo5721d ago (Edited 5721d ago )

Looking good. I'll have to pick this up when it is released. SimCity is a great franchise. My next wish is for something like this to come to the 360.

Sphinx5721d ago

I hope they mae a US version, as they haven't confirmed that yet.

PS360WII5721d ago

Sim City is a really nice franchise and it fits perfect for the DS really. Heck they could do what they did with Truama Center and Wii-make it even ^^