BioShock 4: Will It Take Place In Rapture, Columbia, Or Somewhere New?

Many fans would be thrilled to see the Bioshock series make a return to the airborne city of Columbia, but will that actually happen?

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Shuckylad1199d ago

In Space would be cool, maybe on a space station with outside anti gravity movement. Could be set in 1960’s

livinunicorns1199d ago

There is no comparison between Rapture and Columbia. Rapture is the definition of Bioshock and with the next-gen hardware and ray tracing it will be absolutely jaw-dropping.

Thunder_G0d_Bane1199d ago

I'm reserved as this doesn't involve Ken or Irrational games so not sure how this will unfold... Bioshock 2 wasn't anything special and Ken returned with Infinite and really showed the levels.

Bioshock 1 and Infinite just amazing games, Bioshock 1 still the king tho.

Segata1199d ago

It will be a cash in game by name alone not by the original creator and since it's 2K, it will have a ton of MTX. It will be the Dead Space 3 of Bioshock.

Espangerish1199d ago

I’d prefer Rapture to Columbia.

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