BioShock 4 Should Leave Behind the Previous Games' Universe

Game Rant Writes "BioShock 4 has some big shoes to fill, but it might need to leave behind the multiverse set up by the previous games in order to do that."

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-Foxtrot187d ago

I think that would be the general idea hopefully

Every Universe the same kind of story plays out with constant and variables, the Light House, the man and the City, so hopefully this new Universe will take us to a world where we are introduced to a new city.

If they decide to go "Oh yeah this other rich guy got inspired by Rapture and made his own city somewhere else" then it would cause a bit of confusion, would that mean this "second" story would happen across the multiverse aswell? Did the same happen with Columbia's Universe?

I'd prefer if they just did a new Universe from scratch with Columbia and Rapture references.

LordoftheCritics186d ago

I have no expectations because Ken Levine isn't making it.

Though I'm kind of curious about his next game.

SullysCigar186d ago

Ken's probably too busy making that Bioshock Vita game he promised us :^p

CBaoth186d ago

sounds like it's been in development hell the last 8 years. Maybe by 2026? Rise of the Ronin is taking Koei about a decade from thought to production so who knows...

Gardenia186d ago

The atmosphere is what made the game. The first game with the underwater city Rapture, the Big Daddies and the 60's style is iconic. The third game tried to have the same feeling of a Bioshock game with a different setting and I think they succeeded for the most part.
That is a problem with games that are successful because of a very distinct setting or feeling that you get by playing the game. To make a sequel that has that same feeling without it being repetitive and add nothing new.

mkis007186d ago

I mean there is always space as far as a new city goes.

PhillyDillyDee186d ago

This is nitpicky, but i really enjoyed seeing my weapons evolve as i upgraded them in the first 2 games. I was quite disappointed to see that they didnt take the time to add that into infinite. The game was still good, but i really hate to see any regression in a franchise, no matter how small. So yeah, i hope they bring that back lol.

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