Sony WWS Head: Guerrilla Has Become Much More Confident and Diverse Since Horizon Zero Dawn

Ex Guerrilla Managing Director (now head of Sony Worldwide Studios) Hermen Hulst said Horizon Zero Dawn improved the studio's confidence. The team also became a lot more diverse in its composition since the game launched in early 2017.

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KaiPow1147d ago

Can't wait to see what Guerrilla has been working on for the last four years.

ccgr1147d ago

Agreed, can't wait to play it!

bouzebbal1147d ago

As long as I get a killzone I'm fine.
Platinumed every single one since kz2

Gaming1011146d ago

I just hope they aren't doing diversity quotas, hiring more women and racial minorities just so they can say they're diverse. There's no compelling evidence that just by having more women and racial minorities on your team that magically you'll be high performers, that's just nonsense.

Imalwaysright1146d ago

One of their teams is rumoured to be working on a Socom reboot and the other is most likely working on Horizon 2.

FPS_D3TH1146d ago

Don’t know why you’re getting downvoted. I heard guerilla games are making socom too

codelyoko1147d ago

I'd love a Killzone 2 remake, too

porkChop1147d ago

I'd rather a new Killzone in the style and feel of Killzone 2.

janus2251146d ago

You know what you talking about! GG!

Ratchet751146d ago

I wished they would bring killzone 2 in VR

bouzebbal1147d ago

Or a killzone back to the roots with kz2 inspired multiplayer..

janus2251146d ago

This game was ahead of this time! Enemy AI, graphic was mindblowing at the time!

bouzebbal1146d ago

And the different death animations.. Epic game in every way

Relientk771147d ago

I can't wait to to see and play Horizon Zero Dawn 2.

bouzebbal1147d ago

Gonna be massive.. I don't want bigger world, just better AI and movement patterns.. Flying the air bots would be insane

cannon88001146d ago

I have a feeling that the game world will be gargantuan. I remember reading that originally horizon zero dawn had cooperative gameplay and the game world was 50 times bigger. Freaking massive. I think with the power of the ps5 they might go all out.

Here's a link.

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GaboonViper1147d ago

I cannot wait until HZD2, HZD is my GOTG so far.

BTW who is always the loser downvoting every comment???, get a damn life.

Mr_Writer851147d ago

Mate seriously don't worry about it, it's a small downward arrow, getting vocal about it just feeds into what they want.

They just want to upset others.

KickSpinFilter1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

Millennials lose their minds over that little arrow.
Care to think what GenX think about that arrow?

GaboonViper1146d ago

Very true mate, just knowing that they are so invested in plastic wars they use their spare time to downvote every comment is so sad.

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The story is too old to be commented.