Take-Two Mandate on Microtransactions: Over-Deliver on Content and the Monetization Will Follow

Take-Two Interactive states their edict on microtransactions has been to over-deliver on content, and the monetization will follow.

lucasnooker33d ago

Warning. Boatloads of micro transactions coming for GTA VI

porkChop33d ago

To be fair, while GTA Online is monetized heavily both GTA Online and GTA V offer a massive amount of content without paying anything extra. Though I do think GTA Online's optional subscription is bullshit.

Profchaos33d ago

GTA online was luck though we can see that with rdro Rockstar keenly priced their mtx content to exploit money over people grinding and it felt pay to win at least in its first few months

porkChop32d ago

Correct, and RDO was DOA because of it. That
makes it unlikely they'd do that again, at least anywhere near that level.

neutralgamer199233d ago

Can you please focus on delivering enough quality content to justify the $70 asking price? While I appreciate the idea of over-delivering, it's essential to ensure that the base content itself is worth it. I have concerns that GTA6 might have less single-player content because most of the focus seems to be shifting towards online play and microtransactions.

It's understandable why publishers are capitalizing on microtransactions when they generate billions with relatively little effort compared to traditional content creation. We, as consumers, are partly responsible for this trend. I've seen people spend on FIFA cards as if it's a normal part of the game. Previously, features like player cards and big head mode were earned through gameplay or cheat codes, but now gamers are willing to pay for them, so publishers have no reason not to monetize these features.

It's astonishing that the gaming industry is now more profitable than any other entertainment sector. Yet, despite record-high profits, the industry continues to see increasing levels of greed. It's baffling to hear about record profits followed by significant layoffs of developers. This disconnect makes no sense.

I know it’s unlikely given the size of the industry, but it might take a significant downturn for things to reset. Currently, there are too many decision-makers who lack a genuine understanding of gaming, focusing only on financial spreadsheets. A prime example is Andrew Wilson, the CEO of EA.

RhinoGamer8833d ago

It must be a nightmare working at Rockstar in a Production role...dealing with the team egos and those of the V suite. #soulcrush

-Foxtrot33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

The thing is doesn't that just give studios the excuse of filling their games with content that’s just going bloat it rather than contribute towards the main story.

Ubisoft games for example with all the markers where 90% of it is just padding or useless crap.

Or maybe they design the game in a way that makes it feel longer but it’s because they’ve created it in a way where you are spending most of your time backtracking with spaced out unlocks that help your reach new areas or even having to do a bunch of platforming / parkour to get around. Jedi Survivor was the first game recently that’s made me think “ we didn’t need all this, it should have been more linear”.

It gets tiring

PRIMORDUS33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

I that's fine I can take all the DLC for when GTA 6 comes on PC for free, by torrenting of course. LOL You all know this game no matter the protection (unless SP will be online only) will be on top of every Scene groups list to crack. I cannot stand Take-Two. I would tell off that CEO shit bag I'm taking your game for free ain't nothing can be done about that🤣

Crows9033d ago

I guarantee that the same people that broke the law while weed was not legal will tell you how bad you are....lol


I do by PC games, but not many, there are some companies that are pieces of shit like Take-Two, Rockstar I'm not too fond of either that I don't care what I do or say to them. There is too much bullshit with all these microtransactions, DLC, etc. and I will never pay for that. 😎

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Fear Effect coming to PS5, PS4, Switch, and PC in 2025

Limited Run Games, in cooperation with Square Enix, will release action adventure game Fear Effect for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC via Steam in 2025, the company announced.

CrimsonWing692d ago (Edited 2d ago )

What!? That is freaking great!!!! I really loved this game back in the day and was so pissed the Remake got changed and then eventually canceled. This is such great news that it’s the original. Will definitely get the plat for it.

Mr Pumblechook1d 23h ago

The article mentions:

* PC
* Nintendo Switch
* PlayStation 4
* PlayStation 5

But why isn’t there a mention of the Xbox Series version?

Scissorman1d 23h ago

Because they just don't sell enough on Xbox.


CrimsonWing691d 22h ago

Yea that’s a Limited Run Games thing like what @Scissorman showed in the article. They’ve tried selling the physical versions of Xsex games, but they just don’t sell. But I’m fairly sure this should be digital for Xbox, if not, then it’s time to drop Xbox and come to greener pastures.

wesnytsfs1d 20h ago

@CrimsonWing69, greener pastures.. Yep moved to mainly PC now myself get all the good games from both companies now if only Nintendo would release games on PC too.

RiseNShine1d 19h ago

so a ps1 game launched in modern platformos, mmmkay. I can play it already in emulators with high res, retroachievements support and more, doesn't make much sense.


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“Capcom has no pipeline for porting older MT Framework titles to Xbox's modern ERA system, which makes it more expensive to deliver the same titles than it would porting them to PlayStation 4, Switch, or PC.”

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Valkyrye2d ago

Phase 1 Denial
Phase 2 Excuse making
Phase 3 Indifference

2d ago Replies(2)
darthv722d ago

did MS just stop supporting MT framework all together? I get that its not supported for Series (same with PS5) but the PS4 and XBO supported it. So, its just odd that there is a PS4 version (which would subsequently run on PS5 via BC) but not an XBO to do the same.

Unless there was some update applied to both XBO/Series that no longer make it compatible and only existing titles are it. I'm getting it for Switch anyways so I'm good. I have the other collections on there and I like to keep things together.

2d ago Replies(1)
DefaultComment1d 8h ago

Nah, that's PR talking even with an outdated engine they can still port games from the early 2000's to their so called "max power" hardware.
This is just plain and simple ever since their game pass, is not profitable for Japanese companies to port their games for a montly subscription. They still are rooted into buy and sell their products, in contrast Microsoft is trying to FORCE us to consume gaming as a service and not a product.
The day that gaming industry becomes a service that's when I would most likely leave it and let it rot since that is a walking dead insutry and no longer consumer friendly like. Fortunatly we can still vote with our wallets.

Tedakin1d 7h ago

How is MS trying to force you to do anything? You can buy your games. You can subscribe to them. They give you an option to play their games just about any way you choose. Why is that a bad thing?

DefaultComment1d 5h ago

Game pass is imposed at this point, they insist and that's their big bet for them, hence why they were buying studios to make games for their gamepass library,.Baiscally making gaming a service like Netflix or Disney+. that's anticonsumer and hopefully we still got options.