GamingIndians Hands-on: Killzone 2 (single player) writes:
Killzone 2, the once controversial shooter, is finally upon us. At this early stage, it's not without its flaws, but the core mechanics of the game are as good as it gets. It's visceral, intense and, most importantly, loads of fun.

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ThatCanadianGuy3651d ago

"Right away you’ll notice how incredible the game looks. Even in its pre-beta state, Killzone 2 is hands down the best looking game of this console generation."

Cue the 360 fanboy tears!

fufotrufo3651d ago

back to trolling? that was fast after your no more fanboyism pledge

ThatCanadianGuy3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

I tried,i apologized to alot of people via PM.Tried to call a truce

Yet all i got in reply was "F*ck you"

"PS3 sucks" "Poor sony droid failed" lol so whatever.F*ck all you 360 fanboys.

By the way,how am i trolling? This is a PS3 ONLY article

Tubby McNutsack3651d ago

Facts = Trolling? Fufotrufo just kill yourself.

Kush_Reaper3651d ago

Kill yourself quitly in that lonly fanboy corner, trust me no body will care lol.


fufotrufo3651d ago

tubby mcfaggot
and C0ck Reaper

.who the fuks talking to you?

hahaha oh yeah one

:) go fuk each other while you watch some blu ray..believe won't be missed! not a bit!


ultimolu3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

You 360 fanboys are highly annoying. It's very clear that you guys are incredibly jealous of the PS3, which is why you want the 360 to win so badly this year. You're running out of true exclusives, you have no 1st party games, you're charged up the ass for XBL, you have lag on one of the biggest games in 2008 (and I wonder if those scores are even justified), you hate on every PS3 exclusive, you hate on Home, you hate on Sony, you attack every single mistake they've made, as if it's the end of the world as we know it today, and you praise Microsoft as God almighty himself.

The only reason why the 360 is ahead of the PS3 is that they were willing to put billions on the line just for the sake of beating Sony and yet they can't shake Sony off and can't seem to each Wii numbers.

When Sony makes a profit with every PS3 sold and they drop the price, you nancyboys are gonna be crying to momma because I gaurantee Sony is gonna bring Home the bacon.

Play Beyond and Jump out before the red ringed boogeyman gets ya. :D

Killzone 2-GOTY contender.
I would know because I'm in the beta and this game kicks all kinds of ass. Got a 32 inch Bravia and it's gonna look sweeeeeeeeet!

Be proud PS3 fans, your time is coming.

Poor crybaby! He's crying because this game ain't on his system!

Grow up dude.

ThatCanadianguy420: They're jealouuuuuuus, that's why. I would apologize to 360 fanboys for anything I've said but their attitudes forced me not to do it.

NNNW3651d ago

you gots him cornered!

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3651d ago

After 2 years+ on this of their HATE towards SONY and the PS3 they can go and **** themselves!!! :-/

+EVERY??? Article on this about PS3 games have to have Negitive points on the main bit(like above)??? :-/
Er 'it's not without its flaws' what game is 100% Perfect then???
(It's not even out yet to!!!)

+ I'm just Enjoying LBP + MotorStorm 2 + GTA4 + WipeOut:HD and not looking for any Flaws to put on the internet like a little sad ****!!! ;-D

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Tubby McNutsack3651d ago

FPS of the year for 2009 and look at that, everyone agrees, best graphics ever seen this generation. I've seen so many PS3 games that are dubbed that though. First Uncharted, then GT5 Prologue, then MGS4, then Heavy Rain, and now Killzone 2. Just wait for God of War 3. This game will rival the Beowulf CGI movie that was released last year. First Action Adventure ever to use the Killzone 2 engine.

MURKERR3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

bias sites ammunition to downgrade killzones score who will be looking for any possibility to do just that,i prefer analogue sticks myself

theEnemy3651d ago

I hope so too.

I don't feel or like motion controls.

Even though I had a great time playing Heavenly Sword with motion controls turned on.

MURKERR3651d ago

i say implement them if it works well but ALWAYS have the option there to turn motion control off (bet lair wishes it did that from the beginning)not everybody likes it nomatter how well it works

thor3651d ago

The thing where you have to hold your controller steady whilst sniping is a stroke of genius. That shouldn't be turned off because it's an awesome use of sixaxis.

MURKERR3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

and i love that idea,but always give an option or your just targetin yourself for criticism especially sony with all the media biasness they have been fightin since ps3s launch

Figboy3650d ago

but really, the only game i've seen that made it absolutely MANDATORY was Lair, and they patched it.

actually, Ratchet and Clank Future: had some mandatory motion control sections, but it worked so well you just didn't notice (the flying and Decryptor parts had mandatory motion controls, but they were amazingly responsive, and outside of flOw, the best use of motion controls in a PS3 game to date).

some games use it in subtle ways, which i like. in Uncharted, for example, if you tilted the controller towards you while Nathan is hanging from a ledge, he'll lean straight back, allowing you to jump to things that are behind you, instead of trying to figure out the right angle with the analog stick, only to realize you've judged wrong, and go flying in an opposite direction to your doom, because of the camera angle.

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DiabloRising3651d ago

Nice writeup. I'm glad they pointed out the positives and negatives. I'm very excited for this game. If it can deliver on a solid single player experience, with nice level and enemy variety, and fix the few beta glitches people bring up... well... it's going to be an amazing game. Sadly, I feel it WILL be nitpicked to death in reviews for SOME reason.

Fishy Fingers3651d ago

To an FPS fan like myself this game is shaping up to be everything I ever wanted. I really hope Killzone has the power to convert the fanboys to. Passing this up if your an FPS/Shooter fan just because it isn't on "X" console would be a huge shame.

Bathyj3651d ago

I hear ya Fishy.

And I for one dont intend to "I told you so" any convertees. I'll simply be glad to have a few less people around acting like a Sony console can give you cancer if you touch it.

Sarcasm3651d ago

"Passing this up if your an FPS/Shooter fan just because it isn't on "X" console would be a huge shame."

That's only going to happen when Jesus returns to earth.

Even then, Foxgod & Company will still hate the PS3.

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