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Google Stadia is a glimpse at the future. It could be one that’s still a ways away from being perfect, but it’s one so close we can almost see it taking form in front of us. This streaming service offers the hope of playing anywhere at any time, so long as you have an internet connection and device capable of running the Stadia app or Google Chrome. There are times when it isn’t exactly there yet, but what’s here provides a sense of hope. Not to mention when it does work well, it is like experiencing a little bit of magic.

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Tross403d ago

And to think I used to love this site. It has only gone downhill since I stopped visiting it, and now someone gives the Stadia a 9/10. Yeah, I don’t regret making tracks when all the good writing staff moved on.

drunkenspy007403d ago

This site has always sucked immensely, not sure what you were seeing.

Tross403d ago (Edited 403d ago )

There were quality writing staff a decade ago. They’ve all long since left though. I actually didn’t mind April Marie from a couple years back but she wasn’t there for very long.

Flewid638403d ago

Because they like something? LMAO.

Tross403d ago

Something someone would have to be paid to “like”? Yeah.

Krew_92403d ago

Don't forget this is N4G. Don't you dare even try to say one positive thing about Stadia. Hell this anti-Stadia sentiment is far and wide across many gaming sites/forums. Even if it launched with everything, it delivered 4K as advertised, offered a Netflix-like purchasing model in which you didn't have to individually buy any games ever, people would still be rabid about it.

Maybe it's just because I'm mainly a PC player these days. But I've been used to not having any physical media. So it's not that big of a deal, except for the fact you wouldn't be able to play if you were offline. For that reason Stadia is not for me. But I'm sure, and people are enjoying it, many people were waiting for something like this. Also I wouldn't give it a 9/10 either. I'ts more deserving of a 6 - 7 in my opinion since it launched with less than what they promised it was capable of.

PS4Gamer1984403d ago

Since you have tried Stadia yourself and know first-hand it's a failure, mind sharing your Stadia id so I can friend message you?

rainslacker403d ago

Outside of some interviews they used to do years ago, I dont recall the site ever being good. Now they're just clickbait and ads.

Indo remember when kotaku was a good site for japanese game info. That was their primary focus, and then they went downhill when they decided to become more of a general purpose gaming site.

Shame, because there aren't that many good sources for japanese news nowadays, and what does come is often mired in idiotic politics.

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Apex13403d ago

How much was this person paid?

Tross403d ago

I've never been huge on Jenni Lada. The male staff on this site now are even worse. You either get a bunch of kids from the snowflake generation who are at most not far out of high school, and tend to be the worst sort of Xbox apologists, or you have their den mother who clearly takes under-the-table bribes.

kmanmx403d ago (Edited 403d ago )

Jeeze get your head out of your ass. Head over to the Stadia subreddit, there are a thousands of happy customers. I've had Stadia since launch and used it every day and it's been great.

NeoGamer232403d ago

It is interesting. We see a lot of "Stadia is crap" articles on N4G. But, as you say there are people praising it.

Also, I notice there is no "Stadia" tab in the banner bar of N4G. It is like the people that run N4G don't want it to succeed. And people on gaming sites are looking for reasons to slag the service.

I certainly want to hear more from the people who see it as successful.

Apex13403d ago

So you are paying full price for old games just so you can stream it?

rainslacker403d ago


It's not an n4g thing trying to keep positive stadia articles off the site. People can post them if they can find them. Quite literally, someone can post articles after a five minute orientation to become a contributor. Go find the good articles, post them, wait for them to be approved, then watch the same disdain for stadia on those articles that you see on the negative ones.

gamesR4fun403d ago

man that google money is a heck of a drug eh

TheColbertinator403d ago

If they send me some of that money, I will whistle any tune they ask.

Absonite403d ago

...and that's what's wrong with this world.

SephirothX21403d ago

lol people here so anti-stadia and can't accept a good review. Why would people hate so much on it if they didn't feel threatened? I honestly hope Google are successful because it's good to have more competition and its good to see you fanboys cry like the low iq retards that you are!

rainslacker403d ago

I think people just enjoy hating on stuff. I think more than half the time it has nothing to do with feeling threatened.

PSGuardian403d ago

9/10 is near flawless. It’s a rating that gives people confidence in the product. No one can honestly give Stadia a rating this high and be taken seriously. Yes many people are happy but there’s also a heavy outcry of people who are not.

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