3 Potential Bioshock Settings We’d Love to Explore

BY JOHN SANTINA: The Bioshock series has taken us to the underwater city of Rapture and to the floating city of Columbia. The next instalment in the Bioshock franchise will no doubt offer another awe-inspiring setting for players to explore.

Given that Bioshock has already taken players underwater and to the skies, here are two other potential settings for the next Bioshock game.

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P_Bomb347d ago

Hmm. Like a hollow earth? Enter the Annunaki?

Smokehouse347d ago

Yeah that could be cool too.

NecrumOddBoy347d ago

I was thinking Volcano City on an island(fire) or underground QR the core of the (Earth) with an intricate railroad system and steam power. Focus on socialism and slavery for the "greater good" so it covers the punk, elements, and politics we haven't seen before

Smokehouse347d ago

Socialism and slavery for the greater good was bioshock 2.

SickSinceSix347d ago

I commented the same thing on another Bioshock article, good to see I'm not the only one thinking that.

Nacho_Z347d ago

I really liked the ruined grandeur of Rapture and the idea of a luxurious utopia descending into anarchy, exposing the worst parts of human nature so that'd be my basic setup and it could be pretty much anywhere. On another planet perhaps where colonisation goes badly wrong after a great start.

Smokehouse347d ago

Rapture was built on anarchy lol. I’m really curious to see where they go politically with this. The first covered unbridled capitalism and rugged individualism, the second covered totalitarian collectivism and socialism and infinite covered white nationalism and intersectionality. It’s difficult to predict where else they can go.

Tross346d ago

Marks for being more creative than just space. Sure, that’s one of your suggestions but it seems every other article is all about space, space, space. So, marks for putting in a bit more effort.