Retro gaming with Nintendo - Virtual Console vs. Switch Online

"Nintendo made downloading retro games a treat with their Virtual Console and now, Switch Online is here with a wide selection of titles in its subscription service. The question is: were retro gamers better off in the Wii era? Let's find out!" - A.J. Maciejewski from Video Chums

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VideoChums1268d ago

Vote for either Virtual Console or Switch Online at the bottom of the article! 🎮😄

PhoenixUp1268d ago

I still prefer Virtual Console just because of the large amount of retro consoles featured on the service. Plus titles were added more frequently.

I bought a used Wii U last year for cheap and was pleasantly surprised to find a large number of Virtual Console games available for me to download just because of the weird way Nintendo handled DRM with Wii.

Plus I’d rather just buy whatever game I want and have access to it indefinitely. Even though $20 a year is cheap, I don’t see myself getting the service just to play these games

VideoChums1268d ago

Indeed. Plus, it's strange that Wii had the most amount of Virtual Console games then with Wii U, it tapered off a bit. I mean, you could access the Wii Shop from Wii U but not anymore. Anyway, with Switch, I guess we'll have to see but it's not looking too promising so far.

Tross1267d ago

Virtual Console all the way, and it's pathetic that it still hasn't been rolled out on the Switch! We had access to way more games from way more systems and they were downloaded for indefinite access.

meatnormous1267d ago

You can pretty much play every zelda game ever made on the wii u, with the exception being the links awakening remake. The wiiu virtual console was great. Love my wii u, was completly under rated.

Tross1266d ago

We should be able to play every Zelda game ever made on the Switch too. That's why I'll never understand why people get so excited about the NES and SNES Online lineups introduced periodically.