Chucklefish apologizes for Wargroove's "whitewashed" voice casting

Chucklefish has apologized following criticism that an upcoming DLC pack for its game Wargroove whitewashed its voice actor casting by hiring white voice actors to play three different characters of color.

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Felix_Argyle_Catbro1199d ago

Once upon a time (like two years ago), it was considered "progressive" and "woke" to adopt hiring practices that intentionally eliminated identifying information from the process.

Applications and resumes would be scrubbed of anything that could potentially be used to discriminate against the applicant, including race and gender. Even names were left off in order to make sure that people were being chosen purely for their qualifications. This ensured that prospective hires were neither hired nor eliminated from consideration because of discrimination.

It sounds like that's exactly what Chucklefish was attempting to do here. So now it appears we've come full circle, and anti-discrimination practices are now racist. What a time to be alive.

Sono4211198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

They are based in the UK and 81% of the UK is white, basic facts explain basic things, but people jump to racism or "whitewashing" just because they want to complain about something. These are just sad people, and "news" articles/ "Journalists" need to do a better job of highlighting these simple facts.

Chucklefish should explain these simple truths instead of caving in to outrage culture, people are letting whining children control the narrative and it's just sad.

-Foxtrot1199d ago

It’s just voice acting

Look at the guy who plays Cleveland Brown

Nitrowolf21199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

or Darth Vader

This is just dumb to complain about, even dumber to fold to it.its a dam VO, if the director feels that's the right voice than leave it be.

heck the color of their skin had nothing to do with the selection, they downright listen to the voices and picked the best one

rainslacker1198d ago

I'm curious is people actually go to find the race of these voice actors to see if they should be upset.

Not until recently have I ever once thought about the race of a voice actor, and if it weren't for the proliferation of the internet, I probably wouldn't even know the names or faces of any voice actor...outside some I may have met at anime conventions.

So long as they do a good or great job with the character, that's all i care about. They're lending their voices, not their physical appearance. If a baby seal could talk, I'd be just as fine with the voice if they did a good job.

I can understand people getting upset with changing well established characters to different gender or races, but voice acting is such an insular industry, there just really isnt that much talent out there to begin with, and since some of them are union, it limits the pool even further.

JuniperSniper1199d ago

It annoys me that the goal doesn't seem to be getting the right voice for the job. Instead it seems the goal is supposed to be making sure you have exactly one of every possible meaningless skin pigmentation in your collection of actor Pokemon.

CaptainObvious8781198d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, but did you just describe racism?

isarai1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

Are you kidding me?

Only people who need to apologize are the ones that see this as an issue. Voice acting should go to whoever's voice fits the role, not based on their race which in itself is prejudice. What are they supposed to find real aliens, mutants, and reptilians for fictional characters too?.

I friggin hate this modern age, it's dominated by the most braindead individuals ive ever seen.

rainslacker1198d ago

Just hire Andy serkis to do everything. Hes pretty versatile. I didnt see anyone complaining he played a female character in heavenly sword...along with all the other bad guy characters. Hes just that good.

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