The Tomb Raider trilogy delivers Stadia's most successful ports

The reboot, Rise and Shadow stacked up against console and PC.

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CrimsonWing69777d ago

Did anyone like Shadow?

Man, I was so loving it all up until you get to Paititi. Geezus, the game’s pacing smashes into a wall and it became such a slog to get through. The final boss was lame and the ending was really a let down.

I honestly think the first game in the reboot trilogy was the best. From there it just went down hill.

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smoothdude777d ago

Rise of the Tomb Raider was my favorite of the series, but that is because I loved the shooting parts!

Immorals777d ago

I literally just completed it and loved it. Some of the parts were genuinely creepy playing with surround sound headphones

Bronxs15777d ago

loved the first and rise. shadow was a real low point for the games.

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Masterchief_thegoat777d ago

Rise was by far. my favorite of the series.

Knightofelemia777d ago

Only thing I hated was the ending to Shadow of the Tomb Raider