Halo: Reach PC Players Report Huge Issues With Sounds

Halo: Reach reportedly has some major issues with it's sound. The PC port is plagued by audio glitches when character talk and when the player fires a gun.

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Wasabi562d ago

The audio issues are not limited to the PC version of the game.

I've been playing on Xbox One X and Reach suffers from muffled sound when firing guns and volume issues with character voices, which seem to range from impossible to hear one minute then incredibly loud the next.

I hope they fix it, because the game looks and plays fantastically at 4K 60 FPS.

Darkwaver517561d ago

We've slightly updated the article to reflect said problems are also present on the Xbox version of the game. Thanks!

Unspoken561d ago


Haven't had any issues with sound yet.

Wasabi558d ago


***"Haven't had any issues with sound yet"***

Then you're the only person in the world that is not affected.

Unspoken558d ago

Yes, it's slightly difficult to tell the difference when you aren't directly comparing each system configuration with a fine toothed comb, magnifying glass, and laboratory equipment. Also doesn't help with a properly calibrated surround sound system tuned with normalized volume.

The sound difference is noticeable from the first iteration of the game and I believe I heard they are already working on a fix.

DaDrunkenJester561d ago

Yeah I noticed it on launch on my PC. Everything seemed fine, but the guns seemed muffled. The servers, visuals, and everything else are perfect though.

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Razmiran561d ago

I havent played the original, so I cant really tell
But I have noticed the sound mix is weird sometimes

Masterchief_thegoat561d ago

You will never get bored playing halo. Can’t wait for next one. Hopefully you can play chief for the whole chapter.

timotim561d ago

I can't stop playing it! I've spent all day in multiplayer...i just keep saying "one more, this is my last one)

bluebenjamin561d ago

Whats your gamertag I have One X and an Alienware Alpha how do you want to lose?

timotim561d ago

Haha...well if you're that good, I'd rather play together instead of against you. Too often they pair me with bums...

timotim561d ago

I can't stop playing it! I keep saying "just one more match, I'm done after this" haha

rockwhynot561d ago

Only time I stop playing halo is when my hands give out or I fail to pay the electric company.

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