Nintendo Switch has been officially released in China

Nintendo Switch after huge success is finally coming to China. This will be a Chinese version of the Nintendo Switch, which is being featured by Chinese Mega Giant Company Tencent and Nintendo. Additionally, it’ll have a price point of 2,099 Yuan ($297), including a free copy of New Super Mario Bros Deluxe. This is the …

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rlow11155d ago

Hey a portable great firewall for the Chinese gamer........those pesky communist....enjoy your switch comrads.

DafunkyRebel1155d ago

A rip off version will come out called Chin Tien Dou

Ninte1155d ago

I'm curious about the eshop because of China strict Internet policy.

TargusX1155d ago

When is Earth Defence Force 5 coming to Switch and Xbox?

AuraAbjure1155d ago

Great I hope they enjoy Super Mario Bros!