Tron: Evolution DRM revokes buyers' licenses, pirates unaffected

People who bought Tron: Evolution on Steam have been locked out of their purchases unless highly specific conditions were met. This mess is courtesy of SecuROM and expired licenses but pirates were unaffected almost entirely.

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isarai782d ago

An example of what happens in an All Digital Future.

Fist4achin782d ago

Kind of sucks when you dont truly own it!

XxINFERNUSxX782d ago

Ummm just torrent the game it's still up on all the sites. Why get all upset LOL. I will never be locked out, torrent FTW it's all mine.

rdgneoz3782d ago

"As a result of legitimate buyers not being able to access what they paid for, some suggested usage of certain sites associated with flags that feature skull and crossbones."

Love what the site is suggesting, considering the pos DRM screwing over paying customers.

JonahFalcon782d ago

Few businesses treat every customer like a potential criminal.