Which Video Game Worlds Feel Like Home?

BY JOHN SANTINA: Whether you’re an adult gamer or a younger gamer, we all have video games that we have immersed ourselves into to the point that we feel like citizens of their virtual world. Though the years may pass, returning to those games feels like returning home. Their universes frozen in time, their inhabitants going about their unchanged lives, and their stories waiting to be retold whenever we wish to return.

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UltimateSanto253d ago

For me, it's definitely Half-Life 2. I love to come back to it and expore every nook and cranny.

drizzom253d ago

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite - Pokke Village. Even the music sounds like its welcoming you back home.

ClayRules2012253d ago

The world of Uncharted, for me. It was my first game into the next generation (PS3 era) in early 2008 and there’s just something really special about that world to me. I believe because it was the first game to really make me FEEL/connect to video game characters in such a believable way. The lovable characters & gameplay all just add so much to the too.

Omnisonne253d ago

Bioshock (1 and 2).. as depicted in the image.

Unique atmosphere keeps calling me back.. something cozy about it.

jcblade253d ago

Runescape Classic for me. So many memories.

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